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Good morning, friends! We hope you had a terrific long weekend! I ran to the Decatur Book Festival on Saturday and Sunday but was back in time to spend a gorgeous day at the beach with my boys. (As in husband and son!) The miracle of air travel! Kind of like the miracle of Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design… Fabulous!

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The ocean was so calm and so quiet yesterday that it almost felt like it was taking a little break for Labor Day as well.

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And that little bit of chill that can only mean that Fall is around the corner was in the air. 

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We’re sure that, in just a couple of weeks, we will wake up to cooler temperatures and refreshing breezes.

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And then we’ll say that fall, with its changing leaves and cute boots, football games and pumpkin-spiced everything, is our favorite season.

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(We say this about every season when it comes. There’s something wonderful to love about all of them!)

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But there really is something amazing about fall and spring, when the heat breaks and then the cold breaks. And, for a few fleeting days, the weather is nothing short of perfect. 

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Just like with the seasons, it’s hard to pick which of Massucco Warner Miller’s rooms is our favorite.

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From a traditional den with masculine touches,

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To a lacquered galley kitchen that makes proper use of every space, 

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A cozy bedroom corner for morning relaxation,

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Or a perfectly styled coffee table with so many beautiful treasures you simply want to keep looking,

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These designers know how to make a splash in any space.

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The right mix of color, pattern and texture in every spot on which they put their touch ensures that each room feels fresh and new–kind of like the change of seasons.

We hope your (short!) week is off to a fabulous start!

I am SO excited and flattered that so many book clubs have chosen Lies and Other Acts of Love as one of their reads for the year! My calendar is filling up with Skype and in-person visits, so please let me know if you’d like me to chat with your book club. kristy (at) kristywoodsonharvey (dot) com

And we are so THRILLED by the number of beautiful homes we are going to have as a part of the Slightly South of Simple book tour for next April and May. If you might be interested in having the Slightly South of Simple tour come to your house (or town!), or would like more information, don’t hesitate to email me at