We are excited every morning to wake up with all of your, our fabulous readers, and share something amazing. But today we are especially excited because our lovely, wonderful, insanely talented friend, Leslie Sinclair, has done it again! You savored Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors, you devoured Segreto Style, and now you are going to be positively drooling over Segreto Vignettes!


If you follow her beautiful blog, have either of her other two books or had the pleasure of being one of Leslie’s clients, you know that she has a knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Those floors. This is what we’re talking about. This space could be a boring box. Now it’s a statement piece!


From small rooms to sweeping spaces, a sense of warmth unifies all of Leslie’s rooms in a way that is distinctly her own.


It is the vignettes, like this one, that truly make these homes unique,


That create moments within the larger impression these homes leave.


Those cabinets! Have you ever? They take a touch of gold to a whole new level!


Glamour everywhere we look! Marble, gray, gold, mirrors… Could it be more amazing?


Suffice it to say, this latest book is a must-have addition to any home’s Sinclair collection. The agate book ends are the icing on the cake!


The lovely Leslie herself!


Here’s our copy! Isn’t the gold so fabulous? This stunner is on the top of our coffee table! Get a copy of Segreto Vignettes your coffee table too!

We are so thrilled by the number of beautiful homes we are going to have as a part of the Slightly South of Simple book tour for next April and May. If you might be interested in having the Slightly South of Simple tour come to your house (or town!), or would like more information, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]

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