It’s one of the vacation home dreams, isn’t it? A quiet getaway on the outskirts of town? Peter Pennoyer and Katie Ridder’s breathtaking A House in the Country brings that dream to life.


This stunning country home is that perfect mix of the traditional and the unexpected that creates a style that kept us flipping the pages.


The stunning bucolic setting, even in pictures, evokes instant relaxation. 


It’s the kind of place for growing gardens


Entertaining friends, breathing deep and taking a few moments to remember that the sweetest things in life are often right outside our door.


But don’t let the typical country setting fool you. This idyllic home is far from average, as the entrance hall suggests right off the bat.


Vibrant hues and rich jewel tones create a color palette that is at once warm and whimsical, balanced with traditional architectural elements like this lovely staircase and floors that are a reminder of a time gone by.


Reminders of the outdoors abound even inside this lovely home. And what else would you possible eat in the dining nook of your country home besides apple pie? With apples picked from your own tree, of course.


The striking architectural details of this home make it truly one of a kind, something beyond just a home and more like an experience.


The finishing touch? A precious puppy waiting by the back door! Because, as everyone with a country house knows, gardening simply isn’t the same without a furry friend to help. 

If you’re looking for fabulous gifts to stuff stockings and surprise hostesses, we’d say A House in the Country should definitely be on your list!

Eric Piasecki Photography