When you imagine your dream house is just one type of house? Or could you imagine yourself happily ensconced in a variety of different types of homes?


In our own homes, we tend to focus more on neutrals with pops of color, but we can easily imagine living surrounded by bright, vibrant colors.


And, while our homes tend to be a mix of traditional elements with more updated ones, we can also imagine being totally happy in an uber-modern space.


And now, because of what interior decorator Shawn Broaddus and contractor Mike Hammersmith have created and  Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles has featured, we can easily see ourselves being completely at home in black and white. 


Pops of gold add a glamorous, upscale element to one of the most timeless color combinations. 


But we think few things are quite as serene as a space done head to toe in black and white. 


We used to be very skeptical of black walls. As people who are fans of light, bright spaces, we just weren’t sure. But, when done properly, like these, they are stunning to say the least.


Loving all the texture in this bedroom. Makes it seem rich and dreamy!


Beautiful and unique accessories add interest to this simple yet powerful color scheme.


Nothing is quite as fabulous as a black and white bathroom! This one utilizes all the best of what nature has to offer. 


Black lacquer is a favorite no matter how it’s used. This is black, white and gold at its finest! We could move right in. Could you live in a black and white house? Or are you a big fan of color?

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