St Charles of New York – marble sink and counter

So many things are better when they’re natural. Stone is no exception, as our friends at Use Natural Stone, a site dedicated to the natural stone advantage, can attest.

D2 Interieurs

From the garden to the kitchen, stone is, to us, not only one of the most beautiful substances to use in a space but is also incredibly functional, readily available, and, best of all, green, green, green! We’re always thinking about making the air in our homes cleaner and purer. Stone is always a go-to surface for us because it’s completely natural and doesn’t off gas. Isn’t this marble vent hood fabulous?


McGill Design Group

As the weather starts to get cooler, it’s time for fires! A granite fireplace surround is not only stunning but also durable, as it won’t crack with high heat exposure. 


Huestis Tucker Architects

We love, love natural stone no matter how it comes, but, for a unique look, we think honing is simply stunning. It gives granite counters a slightly more subdued look that is so sophisticated.

Susan Glick Interiors 

And honing marble, like we did in our own homes, makes etching that can naturally occur much less noticeable. But, if you’re like us, one of your favorite things about natural stone is that it only gets better with time!

Architectural Digest Bluestone Lane NY 

Talk about a focal point! This sandstone arch, far, far from a boring wall, adds charm and a sense of history to this eating area.

Studio Dearborn

While we admit that we can be partial to marble, limestone is another luscious favorite. It’s heat resistant as well, making it a fabulous choice for the kitchen!


In addition to being beautiful on the counter, limestone floors make a statement in any space. Combined with the quartzite counters, we think we’d do more cooking if this was our kitchen!

Papyrus Home Design 

One of our forever favorites is a slate floor. In symmetrical bricks or a custom design in all shapes and sizes, slate can lend so many different personalities to an indoor or outdoor space.

Beth Webb Interior Design

Nothing says winter quite like a stone fireplace. Combine that with the slate floors and this is patio heaven–especially as the temperatures begin to drop. This is the perfect space for entertaining all year long!

To find out more about why and how to incorporate natural stone into your home–and to find an installer in your area–visit Use Natural Stone! It’s a stunning site and hosts a wealth of information. 

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