abstract-art in Southern show house in foyer
Melanie Turner InteriorsMali Azima Photography

I’m not sure exactly when it happened. I only know that it has. I have become my mother.

dining-room Southern show house with crystal chandelier
Suzanne KaslerEmily Followill Photography

Here’s how I know for sure: My mom always tries to do just one more thing. You know. Like if she has four minutes to spare she flies through the bank drive through or drops that mail at the post office. Which means she’s always right on time. Not early. Not late. Right on time. She was always pulling into the carpool lane, for example, at 2:59 and 37 seconds for 3:00 dismissal. 

wood family room Southern show house
Barbara Westbrook InteriorsSarah Dorio Photography

The first few weeks of school for my son, I was very diligent about picking him up and dropping him off early. 

flowers in the family room of Southern show house
Robert Brown Interior DesignErica George Dines Photography

Now that we’re in the swing of things, I’ve realized that it takes me exactly six minutes to get to school. (I know. That’s ridiculously close, right?)

kitchen Southern show house with lanterns over island
Lauren DeLoach Interiors-Sarah Dorio Photography

So, today, instead of getting to school early and waiting in the parking lot, I decided to try to empty the dishwasher before I left. I knew I could leave at 2:29 and still get there on time. So I pull out of the driveway at 2:29, get to the main road by 2:30. And that’s when it hits me…

bedroom with canopy bed in Southern show house
Phoebe Howard DesignSarah Dorio Photography

The reason why I always leave early. The drawbridge goes up every half hour. So now, instead of being right on time, I am six minutes late, which doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. Only, it is. And I have the lone preschooler that hasn’t been picked up, sitting among a sea of big kids, looking forlorn.

Smith Boyd InteriorsSarah Dorio Photography

And then I’m cemented as the worst mom in school. Maybe the worst mom in school history.

bedroom Southern show house
Parker Kennedy LivingErica George Dines Photography

Fortunately, since it’s Pre-K, he doesn’t care that much. So I have a few more months to get my act together.

Lisa Mende DesignEmily Followill Photography

This fabulous Southern show house, designed by some of today’s best and brightest–including our fab friend Lisa Mende–already has its act together.

chalk board
Lisa Mende DesignEmily Followill Photograhy

With style this amazing, how could it not? (Incidentally, I bought some black and white striped Halloween candles housed inside replicas of the Wicked Witch of the West’s boots. And they melted in our not-quite-fall heat. So now they are extremely authentic looking and would have added to this room perfectly!)

porch with abstract art in Southern show house
Lisa Mende DesignEmily Followill Photography

Outdoor dining should be fun! Period. Lisa brings the personality and pizazz to this outdoor space. Who wouldn’t want to be invited to this patio for dinner?

Gordon DunningSarah Dorio Photography

The pool area is just as fabulous as the outdoor dining space. Pretty pink umbrellas ensure that pool layers get just the right amount of tan. Just right. Not too much, not too little. We hope that everything in your day goes that same way!


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