Fall is one of our favorite times of year not only for the weather, but also for the decorating! First Halloween, then Thanksgiving then Christmas then Valentine’s Day. (Well, I mean, you know, fall leading into winter…) There’s always something fun and different around the house to look forward to!



So, while we were a little sad to take down the Halloween decorations today, it’s fun to know that we can incorporate some chic but festive vestiges of Thanksgiving into our decor. In fact, we think our gold pumpkins would go so well in this fabulous room!


For chic all year round, take a page from Megan Winters of Green Bay Interiors’ unbelievably fabulous home. 


The black-and-white motif with touches of metallics or a pop of color is so well done here that we just want to keep looking at every room over and over again! We love the versatility of this palette, as it can appear bold and vibrant in one room…


And then, just as quickly, staid and clean in the next. 


Dashes of hot pink are, of course, so fun! Pink adds the perfect bit of whimsy to this elegant room.


One of our favorite things about this home is how each room transitions seamlessly into the next and the next. It’s stunning to say the least! And we think pink in the office is so energizing!


There are gallery walls and then there are gallery walls. This one is such a focal point, but, we have to admit, we’re pretty glad we didn’t have to hang it!


Symmetry makes this hallway feel understated while color keeps it from being nondescript.


The Hermes orange continues into the master bedroom for a continuation of this uber chic theme. You could take those bags on a weekend getaway. But, when it looks like this, who would want to leave home?


The pretty rosy pink continues into a gracious bedroom where not a pillow is out of place. Speaking of weekend trips, we’d be guests here any old time!


We all know that outdoor living spaces can be just as important as indoor ones. So we love that this amazing designer tied the look of the indoors into the outside as well. Speaking of fall, we think these vibrant leaves are Mother Nature’s most wonderful accessory. No need to decorate out here! 

Are you a big fan of decorating for the holidays? We’d love to know! Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day!

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