Hip, luxury style. That’s how Dan Shaw, author of Made To Measure, describes the work created by the dynamic duo of Will Meyer and Gray Davis. 


In the more than 200 private and public spaces that they have designed together, the architectural team has become masterful at creating spaces that are both comfortable and wonderfully chic.


And now–lucky,lucky us–even if we can’t have them design us a new home, we can have their gorgeous work on our coffee tables!


If you’re looking for inspiration to add a hint of the unexpected into your home, look no further!


Made to Measure is not only full of hundreds of stunning photos but also plans and drawings. 


Whether you’re looking to build a one-of-a-kind home serenely tucked in its own corner of the world, 


Take full advantage of every inch of a view–in ultimate luxury, of course,


Or mix elements of the modern, the rustic and the traditional in way that seems at once fresh and familiar, 


Made to Measure is exactly that: full of amazing ideas no matter what look you’re going for. We’d like to order this space, actually!


The intersection of form and function, style and simplicity is where we think the work of Meyer Davis lives. We can’t think of a better combination, really.


Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own home or, like us, simply love flipping through a great coffee table book, Made to Measure is certainly one to add to your collection. You may buy it for the cover alone. But the wonderful insights and fabulous photographs, will keep you coming back to this book time and time again!