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Four days until Thanksgiving! We are so, so excited. Are you?


We used to cook the meal every year. Get up at 3 am to make sure the turkey was perfect, make three different kinds of dressing to accommodate the nut lovers/haters, the celery and onion lovers/haters and the gluten free people. We would make that ambrosia salad that we’re pretty sure no one likes or eats because it’s a tradition and you have to have a jello and fruit combination on your table.

Bakes and Kropp

But, then we decided that things sure would be easy if we ordered the whole meal from Fresh Market and heated it at home. Yeah, there were a lot of dishes, but there’s nothing like sitting around your own dining room table…


Except, then we realized that sitting around the club’s dining room table really isn’t so bad either. Someone else is there to refill the tea and bring the dessert tray.

Carrier and Company via Architectural Digest

And then we come home after and the kids run around the yard and we sip tea or hot chocolate or cocktails on the porch and then, when it gets cold, by the fire, and we have all the wonderful parts of Thanksgiving at home without all the dishes.

de Giulio Design

But here’s the weird thing. We kind of miss the dishes. And all the pots and pans. And burning the rice. And someone forgetting to bring the green bean casserole and scrounging around at the last minute because it’s some uncle’s favorite.


We’re pretty sure that, with a pot rack like this one, everything is much, much easier.

Carrier and Company

Well, okay. So, maybe the turkey still isn’t going to baste itself and the ham isn’t going to glaze itself and those yeast rolls might not rise at some point or another.


But these pot racks sure do look good, don’t they?

Tucker and Marks

We’ve long been convinced that shiny pots and pans are like jewelry for the kitchen. So, whether you use them or not, why not display them proudly?

Tucker and Marks

Where do you stand on the Thanksgiving feast? Do you love to cook in the comfort of your own home? Or would you rather let someone else do the dirty work? We’d love to know! Either way, we’re incredibly grateful for you! Your visits and comments and emails and readership always make our day!