Good morning, chic readers! We hope you had a terrific weekend. Ours was full of tree lightings and parades (on water and land!) and general holiday merriness. We know this season can be filled with craziness, but we love the chance to slow down and take a breath too. 


This weekend, we got to take that breath with the incredible Signature Spaces from the interior world of Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen.

We love the idea of well-travelled interiors that the pair espouses in this book. Because no one wants to live in a sterile box that doesn’t feel like them at all.


Instead, we love the idea of creating spaces with meaning, that are reminders not only of what makes us happy but also of where we have been. 

Family photos are, of course, one of our favorite ways to infuse our homes with memories. But, beyond that, we love art that has a story, to be able to look back at a piece and remember a treasured time in our lives.


Books are another favorite way to mark an occasion. I try to purchase a new book when on vacation and leave myself a note of where and when I read it. I’m in awe of how much more I remember both the story and trip when I do that!


Last week, the Lies and Other Acts of Love book tour sent me to Beaufort and Bluffton, SC to speak at the University of South Carolina Beaufort luncheon series, where I spoke on “Life by Design.” 

This was a special honor made all the more meaningful because I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon at the home of Cassandra King and the late Pat Conroy, who are, incidentally, two of my favorite authors. I know for sure that standing in their beautiful library, full of some of the most notable books of all time, in their lovely, warm home on the water will be something I will always remember, a story I will share with my grandchildren.


Theirs is a perfect example of a home that feels well-collected, that is a tribute to the extraordinary lives these two have lived, a blend of family, literary accomplishments and interesting travels. I met so many wonderful people on that trip, began friendships that I know will last forever. 


One new friend, who made the most beautiful introduction for my talk, gave me an incredibly special gift, one that will grace my home forever. She shared with me a first edition of her favorite book, The Year of the Great Grandmother, by the celebrated Madeleine L’Engele. Inside was a note for me, one that will always remind me of that trip, of the people I met, of the time I spent, the memories I made.


This, for us, is the best way to fill your house, to add meaning to your space, and to truly feel at home where you are. Whether it’s a favorite photo, a once-in-a-lifetime piece of furniture, or a treasured artifact, we, like Signature Spaces, truly believe that our houses come to life when they are a reflection of what we love. 

We hope that, this holiday season, in between the hustle and bustle, you are busy making plenty of new memories to keep you warm for years to come!