Out East House and Gardens of the Hamptons- book

With the summer solstice behind us and months ahead of soaking up the summer sun, we can’t help but have favorite summer destinations on the brain.

Out East House and Gardens of the Hamptons

There’s no question that when it comes to exclusive summer escapes, the Hamptons top the list. 

Out East entry


But, if you’re like us, no matter how gorgeous the outdoors, the beauty inside is a major factor in whether we love a vacation destination. 


In Out East: Houses and Gardens of the HamptonsJennifer Ash Rudick brilliantly displays some of the Hamptons’ most exquisite homes. 


From sleek and modern,

Out East House and Gardens of the Hamptons

To cottage cozy, 

Out East House and Gardens of the Hamptons

Sunlit and romantic,

Out East House and Gardens of the Hamptons

To woodland fairy tale chic, 

Out East House and Gardens of the Hamptons

The styles of homes in the Hamptons are as varied as the people who flee to them each summer.

Out East House and Gardens of the Hamptons

A beachfront setting and a pretty pool are icing on the cake and complete the enviable summer spaces.

Out East House and Gardens of the Hamptons

With homes this beautiful, we can imagine that some of these homeowners might decide to remain all year long. Do you have a beach escape planned this summer? Where is your favorite sandy getaway?

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Photography: Tria Giovan

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Thanks to Shelley from Calypso in the Country for this beautiful review!

“If you aren’t already a fan of southern fiction, this will be the book to get you hooked!

Kristy Woodson Harvey has done it again with her beautifully written latest novel, Slightly South of Simple…[H]eart-warming is actually the best word to describe this book.  Kristy has a way of making you fall in love with her characters.  

If you have sisters, you will appreciate the interactions between the sisters in the book.  Seriously, some of the comments between them were just priceless.  I love that they are all strong women yet with quirks like all of us.  I see nothing wrong with a little germ-phobia and aversion to GMO foods, but hey that’s just me!

I also enjoyed how the author’s love of interior design is woven into the story.  With the main character being an interior designer herself, you are able to experience the surroundings through her eyes.  Who doesn’t love hearing about the details of a table setting?…”