Alys Beach house

If you’ve ever been to Alys Beach, you know the it has an impossibly chic, almost austere feel to it. 

Alys Beach house

An entire town of gleaming white stucco, with wood or black accents and even the occasional aqua front door, it is the poster child for luxurious uniformity. 


It is the kind of place where everything is similar yet each home, building or shop is differentiated from the next by a few special, unique features that make it stand out. In short, we absolutely love it and think that its power and glamour is in its elegant exterior.


Stepping inside this fabulous Alys beach home designed by the talented team at  Urban Grace Interiors, we think you might agree that its beauty is also in its interior.

This is the kind of home that whispers. It doesn’t jump out at you and say, “Look at me, look at me!”

kitchen Urban Grace Interiors


It simply wraps you in its embrace and lets you relax, the worries of the real world floating out to sea. 

kitchen Urban Grace Interiors


A calm and soothing palette extends from the outside to the inside, making the entire space feel cohesive and perfectly planned, 

And not the slightest detail or space–even the laundry room–has been overlooked when it comes to making this a retreat to remember. 

Full of comfortable spaces and cozy spots,

bathroom Urban Grace


For friends and family members of all ages,

Alys Beach house bedroom

Texture and a pop of color combine to make this home simplicity at its finest.


Few accessories keep the space uncluttered so its inhabitants minds can be uncluttered as well.

Alys Beach house bathroom

And every space is perfectly appointed for relaxation in style.

Albs Beach bathroom


Nothing in this well appointed home fights for attention. Instead, it all works together to bring a sense of harmony.

Urban Grace pool

The inside is fabulous, sure. But, when we step outside again, back to that exquisite facade that makes Alys Beach so enviably lovely, it is a reminder that the outdoors are perhaps why we visited this spot in the first place.

Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We always love seeing you here! 

Photography: Framework

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