Coats Homes of Texas

It seems like the most obvious tenet of design.

Coats Homes exterior

But, sometimes, we could all use a reminder. 

Coats Homes hallway

No matter how beautiful the home, the whole point is to create spaces where we can live well!

coats homes office

Ben Coats, a second-generation builder and owner of Coats Homes in Texas keeps that in mind throughout the entire building process.

coats home kitchen

Coats believes that building is never the end goal. Living is.

It’s clear that Coats and his team pour themselves into the projects they undertake. 

And we truly can’t decide which space is most gorgeous. 

Stunning finishes,

Thoughtful details,

And an eye toward functionality are just a few of the tenants that can be clearly seen through these rooms.

Coats Homes dining room

We were captivated from the first moment we saw the gorgeous work of Coats Homes, but to be honest, their eye for good taste isn’t what we love most about this Highland Park custom homebuilder.

Coats Homes of Texas kitchen

Coats Home decided to use their skills for good and has undertaken its own kind of one for one project in Texas. 

Coats Homes kitchen

For every custom home they build, they restore or rebuild another home for a family in need in the West Dallas area.

Coats Homes kitchen

Their contribution is helping bring hope and a renewed sense of prosperity to the neighborhood.

Coats Homes bar

This firm is helping everyone exercise his or her right to live in a safe neighborhood.

Coats Homes bathroom

You know that every week we look forward to sharing a new source of good taste with you. 

Coats Homes mudroom

But when people use their good taste to do good? That’s even better! If you want to know more check out the video below.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Houston who are in the midst of the devastation brought by Hurricane Harvey.


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