Cullman & Kravis

 The focal point of the room, the frame for a fabulous fire, the display place for that perfect artwork… The mantel serves so, so many purposes.

Cullman & Kravis

And so, from the living room to the den and everything in between, a fabulous mantel is more than just a slab of wood and should be arranged as such.

wood -Cullman and Kravis
Carter Kay Interiors

The perfect mantel vignette can become the defining focal point of the room and amplify a perfect piece of art.

wood mantel
Ken Tate Architect

Perfect for displaying treasured family antiques or a new find, and, of course, making the holiday season come to life.

abstract-art above mantel
Cullman & Kravis

Even in the most staid rooms, we adore a fabulous abstract piece for juxtaposition.


And, while we’re fans of symmetry, we think the mantel is a place where it’s good to get creative. These abstract art prints over an incredibly traditional, ornate mantel are the perfect balance of fancy and fun.

The Enchanted Home

Of course, symmetry is always a good look, complete with beautiful collected treasures.


We love the pop of color from this paint, and the idea of displaying favorite treasures on a mantle is one of the best we know. Instead of a static vignette, using a mantel as a revolving door of fun finds is a great idea.

Lisa Luby Ryan

No matter the season, having something living on the mantel is always great choice.

Milk and Honey Home

Just a couple of simple stems in a glass jar are a clean and classic look for toning down a mantel and making it feel fresh.

Lynn Morgan Design

A touch of the sea is one of our favorite ways to infuse a room with laid-back chic, whether it’s actually on the shore or not. This pair of corals on the mantel adds a casual touch.


Our friend Tina from The Enchanted Home has it all wrapped up when it comes to blue and white — from the living room to the porch. For timeless style, blue and white is always a winning combination.

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