Dogs in Design
Architectural Digest


They are some of the most cherished members of the family and have an important place in our homes–and in our hearts.

dogs in design
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If you’re a dog lover then you know we have to think about our four-legged friends when designing our homes! Bare floors like these make for easy shedding clean up.

dogs and design
Architectural Digest


And, well, we all know Rover isn’t going to be content to sleep on the floor when he can snuggle all night! Easy-to-wash duvets and coverlets are a must in a dog-loving family.

dogs and design
Michael S. Smith


In homes with pets, the furniture has to be a little tougher–at least tough enough to withstand your pooch’s toenails and daring jumps!

dogs and decor
Architectural Digest – Photo Scott Frances


And easy-to-clean-and-vacuum fabrics are a must so that your best friend doesn’t have to compromise his or her favorite lounging spot!

Dogs and Design


Let’s face it, our dogs make our homes look–and feel–better. From a cozy bed all his own to a cute doggie door to make his daily commute from indoors to out a breeze, we love the idea of making our homes work better for our dogs too!

dogs and design
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A statement-making dog deserves a statement-making rug–with a matching collar, of course!

dogs in decor
Architectural Digest – Photo: Ken Hayden


Need a perfect complement to the fabulous sculpture? Look no further than the family pet.

dogs and design
Architectural Digest


Who wouldn’t want this adorable puppy curled up on the sofa waiting for them?

dogs and garden design
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Whether the dogs in your life spend more time indoors or out, we know they have a huge place in your heart. We hope these pooches in pictures put as big a smile on your face as they did on ours!

For more ways to create a pet-friendly home, check out our interview with the fabulous Bunny Williams on how to make your house more dog friendly!