Good morning, readers! Florida friends and everyone affected by Irma, you are in our thoughts and prayers and we hope you can get back home–too minimal damage–very, very soon.

We all know that home is one of the most important foundations of our lives, and that being away from it can be difficult. One of the things that we love most about M and M Designs, owned by the talented sister duo Leslie Martin and Kim Meardon, is that they don’t just create beautiful houses. They create homes that feel eclectic and collected, perfect for everything from entertaining to playing with kids.

These huge windows add tons of light, a feeling of openness, and, quite frankly, a big, fat design challenge. These designers totally rose to the occasion, making these windows the asset that they are.

What an idyllic little office! It’s the perfect space for paying bills and the window seat not only adds comfort but also storage, which is great for filing all those papers that tend to pile up.

This kitchen feels like home. Every detail is perfectly choreographed–from the rug to the lamp to the wood island–to make this large, functional space feel cozy and comfortable.

We know open floor plans are what most people want right now, but we still love our rooms to feel separate and distinct. This charming opening between the kitchen and adjoining room is the best of both worlds!

If a nursery for one is good, a nursery for two is even better! The use of this space is perfect.

From the rug on the floor to the Bla Blas on the bed, this is the perfect little boys room that, with a couple of tiny changes, will still be perfect when he’s a big boy!

We love playrooms, but multi-purpose spaces are really the best. This chic room works well for kids and adults alike.

Speaking of multi-purpose spaces, this darling settee is kid friendly with a sweet ballerina on top, but will work just as well when she’s more into lipgloss and texting than dolls and tea parties.

What is your favorite M&M Design space? 

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