Kate Marker Interiors
Kate Marker Interiors|Builder: Grand Traditions Home | Photo: Stoffer Interior Photography


One of our favorite parts of any house is those focal points, the moments that stop us in our tracks, that make us remember the way a home looked and felt long after we have left it. 

statement-making stairs
Phoebe Howard Design


From the stairs so beautifully detailed that they take your breath away,

statement-making abstract art
Beth Webb Design


To a piece of art that absolutely defines a space, 

statement-making abstract art
TS Adams Studio


That sets the tone so effortlessly, so seamlessly, that it seems like it was made for the space, there are so many ways to make a statement in a home. We are people who need light, all year, every season. That’s why, to us, there’s nothing better than a huge, fabulous window that lets in tons of light. If they also add a touch of black, they get extra credit.


statement-making windows
Caan Interiors


Or a smaller, detailed window that adds not only light but also tons of charm.


statement-making lighting
Metcalfe Design

Statement lighting is one of our favorite ways to define a room. 




Each of these fixtures adds a modern touch to the room. 


What’s your favorite way to make a statement?

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