organized closet litchfield design
William Litchfield 


 Oh, New Year’s… Champagne… confetti… closet cleaning…

organized clostet
Butler Armsden Architects


We don’t know about you, but we tend to do better on the closet cleaning 

window-seat -organized closet
Emily Followill Photography


if we’re drinking the champagne simultaneously.

Jute Home


Because here’s the thing: We’re great at getting the closets organized. Fabulous, actually.

wood-organized closet
Miles Redd


We have all the special organizing stuff and pretty baskets and can fold Barney’s-worthy stacks of sweaters.

paint ----organized closet
Jeff Herr PhotographyTerra Cotta Properties


And it will stay that way for awhile.

bedroom.organized closet
Jute Home


But then a huge load of dry cleaning comes in and we can’t tackle it right that second.

lights.organized closet


Or that “perfect outfit” looks perfectly hideous and it’s five minutes before we have to walk out the door and suddenly, this pretty, bare carpet is strewn with fifteen outfits.

paint.organized closet
Mimosa Lane 


Our blog friend Albertina from Mimosa Lane participated in the One Room Challenge with a gorgeous, totally inspiring closet redo. And we are sure that after all her hard work that her closet is still just this pristine! (Love that paint color!)

brass organized closet
Mimosa Lane


So chic — and the little window seat is adorable! We bet she drinks champagne while she closet cleans too… Well, or mimosas!

Liz Caan Interiors


So, we’re going to take a page from Albertina’s book and get elbow-deep in closet cleaning once again. Because everyone needs a fresh start every now and then, right?

What’s the state of your closet? Is it totally orderly a little bit messy?

Thanks for stopping by today. We always love it when you do!



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