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Good morning, chic readers, and happy Thursday! We hope you are looking forward to a wonderful weekend ahead! We had an amazing time last weekend hearing from the one and only Marshall Watson, one of our favorite designers and we know one of yours as well. So it seemed fitting to begin today’s post with a little something from him.

Mark D. likes bookcase and round table
Mark D Sikes


We all know that the devil is in the details. And these gorgeous homes prove that the style is in the architectural details too. 

kitchen architectural details
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


From elegant archways to charming shiplap ceilings, thoughtful door casings and custom cabinetry, it’s the little things in a house that add up to something big. 

architectural details
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


Fortunately, when it comes to homes in Australia, there’s one builder that understands the value of these details all too well. For more information about Novus Homes and to check out their chic style, visit:

Phoebe Howard Design


And, of course, how we accentuate those details can only make it better. From pretty accessories that go with the flow and work with the overall taste and feel, to bold statements that stand out in style, varied pieces work together to achieve an overall look and feel that is uniquely yours.

Tim Barber, Ltd


Small spaces turn into an event with the right details–

James F. Carter


And four blank walls become the place where family fun is had and memories are made. 

Brooks and Falotico


If you could add one architectural detail to your home, what would it be? 

Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We always love seeing you here!

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