There is so much to love about the South. The moss covered Live Oaks…


Porch sitting nine months a year…

Southern mint julep -The Secret To Southern Charm
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Mint juleps…

And, of course, without exception, the staple of southern living: sweet tea!

Southern magnolia blossom
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Maybe it’s all of those things, maybe it’s the magnolia blossoms, but there are so many reasons that I love living in the South and so many reasons that I love writing about the South.

And I can’t think of anything more exciting than having a brand new book, the second book in the Peachtree Bluff Series, the sequel to Slightly South of Simple, releasing April 3, 2018, called The Secret to Southern Charm!

silver - Secret to Southern Charm
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Maybe it’s the family silver,

Southern Linens
French Garden House


Maybe it’s the heirloom linens passed from generation to generation,

Southern quote


Maybe it’s the love, family and tradition… It was hard for me to say what the secret to southern charm was, but Grammy, the matriarch of the Murphy clan, knew right away.

Southern Charm Wedding Photography
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Speaking of grandmothers, my two have had a huge impact on my life. (If you want to know more, check out this article I wrote about my grandmother’s pearls for Parade.) And I think it is these family relationships, the respect and love among multiple generations of women, that are a huge part of what makes writing about the South so much fun. 

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I am having the best time seeing my readers on The Secret to Southern Charm tour and cannot thank you enough for all of your support. You are AMAZING!  Take a peek at my tour here.  I’d love to see you along the way!

The Secret to Southern Charm