Dallas native and Atlanta resident Danielle Rollins knows a thing or two about Southern style. 

Southern Living donned her, “Atlanta’s preeminent hostess and tastemaker,” and, peeking inside her home, we can see why.

Danielle Rollins living room

Each and every corner is perfectly designed, flawlessly executed, and a clear reflection of the family who lives within its walls.

Danielle Rollins living room

The combination of modern sensibilities and an eye toward the inclusion of history and heirlooms that make Southern homes so unique, 

Danielle Rollins living room

Help create a completely one-of-a-kind look. 

We would one hundred percent design a kitchen around those barstools. The pattern and the whimsy in this space is just so fabulous. Who wouldn’t want to wake up and come downstairs?

Danielle Rollins mudroom

The fun continues in the butler’s pantry.

kitchen.Danielle Rollins

The insides of glass cabinets don’t need to be boring–especially when you can make them as chic as these!

The blue and white flows into the breakfast room, which is fun and festive and feels like an island retreat. (Which, let’s face it, is where we’d always like to be having our breakfasts!)

Speaking of retreats… If any room should be one, it’s the bedroom. This one is nothing short of grand!

There is nothing like pattern on pattern to create a cozy, finished feel that absolutely oozes Southern charm. From Palm Beach to Atlanta, it’s always safe bet.

And, whether you’re packing for that summer retreat or simply getting dressed in the morning, a closet like this makes sure you can do it in style!

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