freestanding tub
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Good morning, chic readers! We hope you had an amazing weekend! We know it isn’t the official start of summer, but once school is out, it always feels like it to us. 

freestanding tub
Alyssa Rosenheck


And summer is the perfect time for catching up with friends, taking that much-needed vacation and finding the time for the rest and relaxation you missed out on throughout the year. 

freestanding tub
Verandah House


One of our favorite ways to relax in our homes is in the comfort of a fabulous freestanding tub. 

freestanding tub
Cloth and Kind


Of course, finding the right tub is only one part of the equation. 

freestanding tub
Sage Design


The hardware can completely change the look of a freestanding tub–and change its functionality. A faucet with a shower attachment is very useful for cleaning large tubs easily.  Our favorite thing about freestanding tubs is that they can be positioned in front of windows to take full advantage of a gorgeous view. 

freestanding tub
Jackson and Leroy


And they come in so many different styles and colors to complement pretty much any bathroom scheme. 


freestanding tub
Tucker & Marks


We love a tub in the center of the room, especially a round or oddly shaped one that couldn’t have a bathtub otherwise. 

freestanding tub
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


For a beautiful way to add character to a bathroom, we love a clawfoot tub like this one. It adds instant history! Are you a fan of freestanding tubs? 

Thank you so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We always love seeing you here!

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