Good morning, chic readers! Take a break from the holiday chaos and tour this gorgeous Westchester home with all the traditional trappings the make a house so special and the modern touches that bring it right into today. 



Cullman Kravis has created an elegant, one-of-a-kind home that is perfect for everything from entertaining to family and beyond. 



The incredible lighting is one of the true statements of this stunning home. It combines the glamour of the intricate moldings with the modernity of the furnishings. 



Extra large rooms can often present a bit of a design challenge–but not for Cullman Kravis. The pool table is absolute perfection!



Book case goals. Enough said. 



The sunroom is always our favorite space. Bright and beautiful even on the coldest winter days. We love how the table legs pay homage to the outdoors–and how the sofa legs have a style all their own.  



Mixing materials in the kitchen is always welcome. 



A sitting room in the bedroom–especially one with a view–is such a chic luxury. 



Beautiful blues combine in style to make a chic spot for one of the family’s younger members.



But, back porch, we think we may love you best of all. The striped awning and black and white touches add tons of personality–and cap off a truly exceptional home. 


Thank you so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. We love spending the holidays with you!



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