Estuary House from Urban Grace


Good morning, friends! All we know is that today a good day to explore this Beauty by the Sea from Urban Grace. Actually, come to think of it, there’s not a bad day for that. (Also, can we talk about this gallery wall, please? Perfection!)


Estuary from Urban Grace


I spent a fabulous weekend by the sea with my Tall Poppy Writer friends soaking up the best of what the Hamptons has to offer. Between a book signing at The White Fences Inn in Water Mill, staying at The Topping Rose House in Sag Harbor, and a handful of other spectacular events throughout the Hamptons, I was thoroughly spoiled. 


urban grace house by the sea


And, as luck would have it (if you call the inconvenience of a cancelled flight “luck”…) I got to spend an extra night in NYC to boot–and finally meet one of my coolest Instagram friends, Ashley Bellman. She’s a host of New York Live and QVC and all around fabulous. (And nice. So nice. Don’t you love it when that happens?)


Urban Grace by the sea family room


Plus, since this is a room full of fabulous bookshelves, it seems right to say that I got to go visit my publisher, Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster, and check out a really fabulous display of my forthcoming May 7 novel THE SOUTHERN SIDE OF PARADISE


Estuary Urban Grace


All in all, it was a great bonus day in the city, but the real bonus might have been coming home and seeing that THERE IS FINALLY SOME PROGRESS AT MY HOUSE.


Urban Grace by the sea


If you’re new here, let me get you up to speed: Hurricane Florence invited a tornado friend to have a party at my house on the Carolina coast. Let’s just say they didn’t use coasters, the house has been gutted since September, and they will not be invited back. 


Urban Grace by the sea


One of my favorite parts of the house is the third floor. It has charming angular rooflines, the best views going and, as of yesterday, shiplap in every nook and cranny. Honestly, I was on the fence about this move, but it is our son’s playroom, and, now that it’s up, I am so thrilled with the decision. It is darling!


Urban Grace by the sea


If I needed any more confirmation, this beach beauty is making me more confident than ever. 


Urban Grace by the sea office


It makes use of basically all of our favorite things: steel windows


Urban Grace by the sea kitchen


The right kind and amount of shiplap in all the right places, (P.S. I’m emailing you for this wash color, Urban Grace!)


Urban Grace by the sea staircase


And more light than money can buy, which, let’s face it, is the most important part of any beach house


Urban Grace by the sea kitchen


Urban Grace masterfully combines unexpected touches, 


Urban Grace by the sea dining room


A nod toward tradition,


Urban Grace by the sea entrance


And practicality with aplomb. 


Urban Grace by the sea


They should write a handbook, really. 


Urban Grace by the sea


And as for the main event? Well, it isn’t too shabby either… 

We hope you’re feeling warm and sunny now. We know we are! Thanks so much for making Design Chic a part of your day!