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Happy Monday, Design Chic readers! Have you had a good week? I know I have! I’m just on Cloud Nine about The Southern Side of Paradise‘s release and this wonderful book tour I’m on–and all of your kind words!


reading nook
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This is probably pretty obvious, but reading is one of my great loves. It always has been, actually, from the first day I started.


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I still remember how it felt to read my very first book all by myself. (It was called Dr. Cat–and a Design Chic reader found an original copy for my son!)


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Ever since that day, I’ve been pretty much hooked. So I think it’s totally necessary to have a great reading nook.


reading nook
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We have a lot of them in our house, actually. A chaise with a lamp in the guest room for guests, a pair of them in the room off the kitchen, lots of throws over cozy chairs that just beg to be read in, a double window seat on the third floor with the best view in the house…


reading nook


When I first set out on my journey to become an author, I used to have dreams of having a bookshelf full of nothing but rows of my books.


reading nook
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I’ve realized now, as my fifth book is releasing, that I have so many other books it might be unrealistic to dedicate an entire bookshelf to just me…


reading nook
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But it’s still pretty cool to look over and see my name on some of those spines.


reading corner
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And it’s crazy to think that only four years ago my debut novel, Dear Carolina, was just releasing. And that only three years ago Lies and Other Acts of Love was coming out. I almost can’t remember my life before I was an author, and it hasn’t even been that long!


reading nook
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And, if you aren’t tired of hearing it yet, YOU are one of the major reasons that I get to continue on in this career, that I get to keep writing books. Thank you for reading, for reviewing, for recommending to your friends, to my fellow bloggers for sharing on your blogs and for being generally awesome. I am eternally grateful!


reading nook outdoors


Now that The Southern Side of Paradise has been out for a few days, I hope you have a chance to curl up in your favorite reading nook and visit my fictional town of Peachtree Bluff, Georgia. It’s like taking a vacation without having to leave your favorite comfy spot!

Thanks for stopping by today! We always love it when you do!



Praise for The Peachtree Bluff Series:

“Writers come and writers go but Kristy Woodson Harvey is here to stay. The warmth, wit and wisdom of this novel pave her way into the exclusive Sisterhood of Southern Writers.” —The Huffington Post, Jackie K Cooper

This week I’ll be in Louisville, KY, Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, Cleveland, OH, Carmel, IN, and Charleston, SC. Click for full tour details. 

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