restored farmhouse entry foyer   CTC & G

A bird got in our house today. For the second time in three days–and also the second time in my entire life. (I know. I have zero explanation for this. I opened the door and they zoomed right in!) The first one was pretty easy to lure out with a bird call YouTube video. The second, not so much. It was a several hour affair and, not surprisingly, it was eventually little Will that was able to lure the poor terrified thing out the open door in about five seconds. (In fact, he kind of rolled his eyes and scoffed when I picked him up from school and said there was another bird and this time my bird calls weren’t working.) All that is to say that our run-ins with non-domesticated birds indoors are about the closest we’ve come to farm living lately. 

  restored farmhouse living room  

But we could use a farm fix, and, if you could too, Plain Goods owner Michael DePernois’ historic farmhouse is for you. 

  restored farmhouse kitchen  

Original elements combine with more modern pieces to create the perfect blend of old and new. 

  restored farmhouse living room  

Natural elements and a darker, woodsy color palette round out the farmhouse feel.

  restored farmhouse living room  

One of out favorite parts about this design scheme is the wonderful layers.

  restored farmhouse attic window seat  

Rich, textured textiles create a cozy feel,

  restored farmhouse bedroom  

While unique and unexpected accessories complete the look.

  restored farmhouse bedroom  

An antique bookcase and clawfoot tub combine to create a bathroom that is perfectly in keeping with the tone of the house.

  restored farmhouse porch with rocking chairs  

And where could possibly be better for porch sitting than a beautiful farm?

  white clapboard restored farmhouse curb appeal  

This is the perfect setting for fall bonfires, fun cookouts, playing children and birds. Outdoors. Exactly where they belong.


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