Chancey Boothby chic and timeless kitchen design - kitchen Read McKendree Photography
Chauncey Boothby

Every detail can be perfect.

Read McKendree Photography - chic and timeless kitchen design Colleen Bashaw Interiors kitchen
Colleen Bashaw

The colors can pop.

Read McKendree Photography - chic dining room in blue and white Ashley Whittaker Design dining room with roman shades and lantern
Ashley Whittaker

The design scheme can be beyond stunning. 

Read McKendree Photography - Lisa Tharp chic blue and white living room
Lisa Tharp

But in the hands of the wrong photographer, the entire scheme can fall flat. 

Read McKendree Photography - layered dining room with shiplap
Meredith Ellis

That’s why we were so excited to be introduced to the gorgeous photography of Read McKendree, who captures some of today’s most accomplished designers’ work in all its inspirational glory. 

Read McKendree Photography - Katie Rosenfeld kitchen with blue cabinets
Katie Rosenfeld

Unique angles,

Read McKendree Photography - Meredith Ellis design banquette
Meredith Ellis

Perfect light,

Read McKendree Photography - Lisa Tharp chic and refined living room
Lisa Tharp

And stunning clarity are just a few of the hallmarks of this photographer’s gorgeous work. 

Read McKendree Photography - refined banquette McGrath II
McGrath II

From a chic vignette

Read McKendree Photography - Workshop/APD kitchen with wood ceiling

To a stunning kitchen, Read McKendree Photography captures each detail with a discerning eye. That’s why we think his work (like that of the designers he captures!) is always in good taste. 


Read McKendree Photography

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