Kate Marker Interiors entry with oriental rug
Emily Kennedy Photography


Happy In Good Taste day, friends! You know how we love featuring new designers each week–and we are so excited to showcase designs by Kate Marker Interiors today!


 Kate Marker Interiors hallway
Grand Traditions Home Builders | Stoffer Photography


A crisp, clean, soothing interior color palette has to be one of our favorite hallmarks of design, and Marker creates that in droves. 


 Kate Marker Interiors kitchen with brass hardware
Emily Kennedy Photography


She pulls off glamour with aplomb, 


 Kate Marker Interiors kitchen
Emily Kennedy Photography


But there’s also something slightly bohemian about Marker’s designs that creates her signature style so well.


 Kate Marker Interiors kitchen
Margaret Rajic Photography


A pop of wood (and some chicly offbeat holiday decor) in the kitchen, 


 Kate Marker Interiors bathroom
Hammerkraft Builder | Moment Architecture | Stoffer Photography


Bathrooms that mix the old and new, the laid back and the luxe,


 Kate Marker Interiors dining room with beams and slipcovered chairs
Hammerkraft Builder | Moment Architecture | Stoffer Photography


And living spaces that are at once casual and sophisticated, 


 Kate Marker Interiors gate
Stoffer Photography


Round out Marker’s distinctive style.


 Kate Marker Interiors laundry room
Emily Kennedy Photography


Even the laundry room has her seal on it.


 Kate Marker Interiors stocking the bar
Margaret Rajic Photography


A mix of elegance, whimsy and rustic charm combines to create a show-stopping bar,


 Kate Marker Interiors butler's pantry
Hammerkraft Builder | Moment Architecture | Stoffer Photography


And even the butler’s pantry is photo ready.


 Kate Marker Interiors mudroom
Margaret Ragic Photography


When the mudroom is this stylish, we know what lies beyond the back door is going to be fabulous! We hope you’ve loved the good taste of Kate Marker as much as we have!


What Your Favorite Influencers are Saying About Feels Like Falling:

feels like falling Kristy Woodson Harvey
Photo via Kristie in Carolina

Kristie in Carolina Says:

It’s safe to say, this book is my favorite one yet from Kristy!

Feels Like Falling is a southern, summertime story that follows two strong characters, Gray and Diana, who are almost total opposites in personality and in their stages of life.

Gray heads to the North Carolina coast for the summer to try to find herself after the recent loss of her mother and separation from her husband. Meanwhile, Diana has broken up with her boyfriend, lost her job, and finds herself out on the streets.

Feels Like Falling follows both Gray and Diana over the course of their summer and tells the story of strong women, unexpected friendships, and how both life and love have a way of working out.

This is definitely a book you’re going to want to add to your summer reading list! I am really hoping that Kristy decides to make this book in to a series!

Thanks so much, Kristie! Feels Like Falling is available for preorder now and officially releases April 28, 2020, wherever books are sold!


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