The Design Atelier


We had used Zoom precisely once before the stay at home order. 


Collins Interiors


Now, our days are defined by it! 


Amy Morris via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


With everyone working from home, we’ve wondered how much of a trend it will be. Will we go back to work as we once knew it? Or will our lives be forever changed?


home office with french desk
Beth Webb Interior Design


Either way, this is the perfect time to embrace stay-at-home style for now and beyond. 


home office in library Beth Webb Interiors
Beth Webb


Calming and comfortable,


Beth Webb Home office
Beth Webb


Chic yet masculine,


Suzanne Kasler


Bathed in deep colors,


Serena & Lily


Or full of light,


home office with white desk and Serena & Lily daybed by mark d Sikes Southern Living Idea House
Mark D. Sikes


Whatever your personal style, there’s a too-good-to-be-true home office to suit your needs and mood. 


Toledo Geller


Even if your work-from-home involves fractions instead of spreadsheets, Google Classroom instead of Slack, there’s the perfect inspirational space to ride out our stay-at-home days in style. 

Which is your favorite space?

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