Maren Devine Warrior girl


Let’s just get the obvious out of the way: We love Maren Devine. Like, really love her. We first fell for her Warrior Girls and have moved on to everything else in her entire collection. We have gotten paintings for clients and ourselves, gifts and giveaways. Her work wows on paper, canvas or print. And, if you don’t know her, it’s our honor to introduce you. Peruse some of our favorites and please enjoy. Her talent will most certainly make your day brighter and better!


Warrior Girl Estelle Original on Canvas


Maren Devine Warrior girl


Warrior Girl, Gogo Original on Canvas


Maren Devine Warrior girl


Jess Print


Maren Devine Warrior girl


Louisiana Print


Maren Devine Warrior girl


Pia Print


Maren Devine beach scene


Overhead Beach Print


Maren Devine


Missing Mexico Print


Maren Devine beach scene


Key West Beach Print


Maren Devine marsh


Mild Marsh Print


Maren Devine abstract art


Bright and Calm Print


Maren Devine chapel


Happy Chapel Print


Maren Devine chapel


Palm Sunday by the Water Print


Maren Devine flowers in vase


Modern Abstract Square Print


Maren Devine tea


The Tea Room Print


Maren Devine sheep print


Sheep with Pink Print


Maren Devine print fishing on pier


Fishing at Dusk Print



Maren even painted this gorgeous rendition of the cover of my sixth novel Feels Like Falling. Isn’t it fabulous? It made me love what is probably my favorite book cover to date even more. If you’re a Maren fan, make sure to follow her over on Instagram for all the latest! 

Thanks for spending your summer with Design Chic. We always love it when you stop by!