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We love the beach. You know we do. The mountains, too. But one of our bucket list spots is, for sure, a farmhouse.



Eclectic and lovely, the right mix of old and new, we can’t get enough of this gorgeous farmhouse by Anelle Gandelman. 



This is the sort of kitchen where wildflowers are necessary, where fresh produce resides only for long enough to get it onto someone’s plate, and rustic beams add character in droves. 



But this is a house that knows how to dress up for a fancy dinner too, 



That can carry off a casual air and a more formal one with equal ease. 



A traditional color scheme combines with antique furnishings and a touch of pattern to pull off a stunning overall feel that’s at once comfortable and grounded, 



Where summers are spent and secrets shared, 



Memories made,



And deep, restorative peace reclaimed. 



While the interiors are a farmhouse dream, it’s the exterior that, as always, takes the cake. Deep green as far as the eye can see is nature’s perfect color palette–and we’d want to lounge with friends and family on this porch all year long!


Photography:  Emily Gilbert


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  • Anita says:

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures of the ‘farmhouse’ but to me it looks like an Asian-inspired interior design. I say this because of the choice of colors, the shiny floral wallpaper and the ..unsimplicity- if there is such a word.. of it all.

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