Liz Lange ‘s Thoughtful Restoration of

Grey Gardens


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The restoration of Grey Gardens, once the cherished home of Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn, now under the ownership of Liz Lange, marks a remarkable effort to honor its rich history.  Before being purchased by the Bradlees, the once grand Grey Gardens had fallen into such a state of disrepair that a movie of the same name was made chronicling its history. Built in the early 20th-century, the shingled house stands as a testament to a bygone era. With meticulous care, Fashion Designer Lange, has ensured that every aspect of the original structure has been preserved, allowing visitors to step back in time and experience the charm of yesteryear.

At the heart of Lange’s restoration project lies a deep commitment to maintaining the integrity of Grey Gardens. From the moment one sets foot on the property, it becomes evident that no detail has been overlooked. Every architectural nuance, every weathered shingle, serves as a reminder of the home’s storied past. Through careful preservation, Lange has breathed new life into this historic gem while paying homage to its distinguished heritage. The interiors  boast a vibrant and eclectic palette, reflecting the distinctive tastes and personalities of its owners.

Beyond the walls of the house, the outdoor areas of Grey Gardens have also undergone a meticulous revival. The tennis courts, once witness to lively matches and spirited gatherings, now stand as a testament to the property’s vibrant past. The pool, too, has been lovingly restored, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the timeless elegance of Grey Gardens. Perhaps most enchanting of all is the revival of the gardens themselves, where thoughtful landscaping and careful curation have brought back the splendor of days gone by.

Liz Lange’s dedication to preserving Grey Gardens extends beyond mere restoration; it is a labor of love aimed at safeguarding a piece of history for generations to come. In an age where historic properties often fall victim to neglect or redevelopment, Lange’s commitment to honoring the past serves as a beacon of hope. Through her visionary stewardship, Grey Gardens stands not only as a physical testament to its illustrious past but also as a testament to the enduring spirit of preservation.

As visitors wander through the halls of Grey Gardens or lounge by the poolside, they are transported to a time when elegance and grace reigned supreme. It is a testament to the enduring allure of historic homes and the importance of cherishing our architectural heritage. In the hands of Liz Lange, Grey Gardens has found a guardian dedicated to its preservation, ensuring that its legacy will endure for generations to come.
















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A Happier Life Kristy Woodson Harvey - New York Times Bestselling Author




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With “her signature warmth and Southern charm” (E! Online), the New York Times bestselling author of The Summer of Songbirds and the Peachtree Bluff series presents a tender and touching novel about a young woman who discovers the family she has always longed for when she spends a life-changing summer in North Carolina.

Present Day: Keaton Smith is desperate for a fresh start. So when her mother needs someone to put her childhood home in Beaufort, North Carolina, on the market—the home that Keaton didn’t know existed until now—she jumps at the chance to head south. But the moment she steps foot inside the abandoned house, she’s confronted with secrets about grandparents who died in a car accident before she was born. And as she gets to know her charming next-door neighbor, his precocious ten-year-old son, and a flock of endearingly feisty town busybodies, she soon finds she has more questions than answers.

1976: After meeting her adoring husband Townsend, Rebecca “Becks” Saint James abandoned the life she knew and never looked back. Forty years later, she’s made a name for herself as the best hostess North Carolina has ever seen. Her annual summer suppers have become the stuff of legend, and locals and out-of-towners alike clamor for an invitation to her stunning historic home. But she’s struggling behind the façade. Becks strives to make the lives of those around her as easy as possible, but this summer she is facing a dilemma that even she can’t solve. And as the end of the season looms, she is brought to a decision she never wanted to make.

As both Keaton and Becks face new challenges and chapters, they are connected through time by the house on Sunset Lane, which has protected the secrets, hopes, and dreams of the women in their family for generations. For fans of Summer of ‘69 and The NotebookA Happier Life explores the power of family, the bonds of friendship, and the boundless nature of love.