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Happy Thursday, friends! When it comes to things we love, antique furniture is definitely at the top of the list. And, for the best of the best, the High Boy has long been a favorite, go-to spot! But, now they’ve sweetened the deal. Not only is the site full of fabulous furniture and accessories, but it’s also home of The Weekly.

It’s a virtual buffet of gorgeous inspiration photos, incredible in-depth interviews at sneak peeks at totally unique experiences — like an enchanted English wedding with a nod to the past. And now, without further ado, some of our favorite High Boy eye candy!

Pair of English Antique Victorian Burnt Bamboo Stools

On a freezing cold day like today a seat by the fire sure would be nice. We think these bamboo stools are a cool twist on the idea!


Things We Love: Aged Leather

What do you think of when you hear the word leather? Do patched biker jackets come to mind? Or overstuffed recliners with cup holders in the arm rests? If so, just know, this isn’t that kind of leather. Broken in, worn, aged to perfection. This is our kind of leather.
Stanley Dixon Design via Atlanta Homes

British Vogue Magazine

just be splendid
life of polarn per
vintage home
birch and lily
We hope there’s a moment in your Thursday for this kind of relaxation!


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