The Impact of Wallpaper

Phoebe Howard
Paint may be most popular, but nothing pops like a fabulous wallpaper. From chic, classic patterns to prints that make us say, “Wow!” there’s a perfect paper for every wall!
Summer Thornton

Marjorie Johnston and Co.

Thibaut Wallpaper
Amanda Nisbet Design

Amanda Nisbet Design

Amanda Nisbet Design

Daily Crush

de Gournay Wallpaper

Thibaut Wallpaper
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In Good Taste: Party Resources!

We are so thrilled to have Kate from Party Resources guest posting for us today! Her beautiful blog is filled with fabulous inspiration from an event planner extraordinaire. From chic design to the perfect appetizer, Kate is always full of great ideas. Thanks so much for sharing with us today!
Beth and Kristy (the fab mother-daughter duo behind Design Chic) are two of my favorite bloggers. (Not to mention some of the most stylish!) I am delighted to be included in their “In Good Taste” Series. Our blog is all about entertaining and to me, any good event has to start with a welcoming and warm home. Your home really should rise up to meet not only you but also your guests. In my opinion, nobody creates more inviting spaces than Amanda Nisbet:

From living rooms to dining rooms and event the kitchen, her eye is flawless! To be sure, she is “in good taste.”

Photos: Amanda Nisbet and House Beautiful

Thanks again, Kate! We hope you all have a great Tuesday. Thanks so much for stopping by!


Things We Love: Table Skirts

Party skirts. Tree skirts. All those skirts have made us think about another very important skirt: the table skirt.
 Betsy Brown Interiors
It’s our opinion that, upon occasion, a room can get too “leggy.” 

Traditional Home Showhouse
Chair legs. Stool legs. Chest legs. Table legs. Sometimes it can get to be just a bit much.
Design Traveller
A beautifully constructed table skirt is a great way to break things up. 
Brabourne Farm
Plus, it adds a touch of softness and bounce to any room.
Camille Saum Design
A beautiful skirt can make the perfect backdrop for a delicious dinner, of course.
Martha Stewart
But is also a fantastic way to spruce up an entryway, whether you’re trying to add a dressier, more feminine touch like this,
Amanda Nisbet

Or a more casual, tailored look like this. We’re just wild about this fabric, by the way.

Michelle Nussbaumer
This light is unbelievable and, in a room like this, where lighting and accessories steal the show, a simply constructed skirt like this one is perfect.
Lisa Sherry Design
For a warm, finished looking dining area, a table skirt is a wonderful choice. Plus, a glass top makes clean up a breeze for messy eaters. 

Happy Wednesday, friends! Thanks, as always, for stopping by!


Things We Love: Antelope Print

Dan Carithers Design
Amanda Nisbet Design

Cote de Texas

McMillian and Co. Interiors
Conspicuous Style Blog

Elle Decor

Mrs Blandings

Sally Wheat’s playroom via Cote de Texas

Ruthie Somers Design


Things We Love: Banquettes


Banquettes. Not only do they look beautiful but they sound beautiful as well. The word just rolls off the tongue… Just like this first curved banquette rolls around the room. These benches are elegant, comfortable and, if they’re tufted like some of these examples, all the better. The antlers over the stove are super cool too.

This window seat banquette is so fabulous. What a great way to maximize every inch of space in a smaller room.

                              Lynn Morgan Design

Many of these banquettes are in casual spaces, but this one is just so incredibly elegant. It just goes to show that these pieces are so versatile, not to mention that it’s possible to have a formal dining area even if you don’t have a lot of space.

Love, love, love the lucite!


The color flow in this house is so amazing. We love how they’ve incorporated splashes of the bold citrus in the adjoining room with those great bamboo chairs and vintage light fixture.

This just goes to show that pattern doesn’t have to be scary. I would never have been brave enough to have checks on the floor, stripes on the bench and pattern on the chairs. But the effect is just so finished. And bold.

I think this one is my favorite. The color palette is so serene.

The cabinetry really makes this room, in my opinion. These display cases are so well done and create an instant focal point — not to mention a great place to store all your pretty things!

Tufted leather = to die for. I always think of black tufted leather for a man’s den, but this shiny banquette is so unexpected in this space. It’s amazing!

Design Chic

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