House Tour: Sea Island Builders


Charm, charm, charm, charm, charm! We’d say that’s the theme of this idyllic cottage. The perfect shade of blue and those quintessential South Carolina palm trees are just the beginning. Wait until you step through the front door!


 One glimpse at the amazing woodwork and fabulous architectural details, and it’s evident that Sea Island Builders is behind this creation that any family would be proud to call home.


Amazing Millwork Sets the Tone

It’s one of those details that completely defines a room, takes it from plain to charming, mundane to positively fabulous. And, whether plain or ornate, it totally sets the tone of the room. In an ancient fixer upper or a brand-new nest, adding millwork is a great way to add instant character.
preppy kind of life

JAS Design Build

Robert Stilin

Stephen Fuller Architects
Georgiana Design

grand hotel villa cora, florence

Michael S. Smith Design

Thad Hayes Design via Architectural Digest

Francois Halard Photography

Georgiana Design
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Beautiful Arches

Veere Grenney Associates
There’s no argument that, furniture, lighting and accessories aside, architectural details can define a space. 
Peter Pennoyer Architect
Square doorways are fine, but sometimes they can be… dare we say… a little square.
Spitzmiller and Norris Architects
When designing a room or a home, arches make it feel larger, more open and, quite simply, grand, grand, grand.
desire to inspire
Word to the wise: When the architect suggests you redesign your plan because archways would increase the allure of the room, don’t forget to ask how much it will increase the price. Live and learn, people.
Spitzmiller and Morris Architects
This arch seems like the perfect place for a little Christmas mistletoe and a smooch for someone you love.
Catalano Architects
And we wouldn’t mind spending our holidays right here with the view and the sunshine, although, we must admit, the chilly weather here does make it feel a bit more like Christmas.
The Steward
Can’t you just imagine how many secrets this place knows? We think we’d like to visit.
prada answer
What a perfect place to say, “I do.” The dress isn’t bad either…


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