Things We Love:Bathroom Mirrors

Timothy Whealon Interiors




So many considerations go into creating a beautiful bath that is not only a sanctuary but also a reflection of you.
Michael Pierce Architect
Fixtures and faucets, tile and towels all help define the personality of one of the most-used rooms in the house.
Timothy Corrigan Design
But, for adding the special spark of mood-defining impact, adding art is a necessity.
Anne Miller Design
The black and white floors and traditional bathroom vanity in this bath go a long way toward defining this space. Adding the Venetian mirror and staid art adds to the elegant feel.
One Kings Lane
In regard to bathroom art, we love keeping it simple. This stunning black and white Picasso adds whimsical style.
Karyl Pierce Paxton Design
Even more than just what’s hanging on the walls, bath accessories make a bath feel super luxurious.

Phillip Gorrivan Design
We’re quick to jump on board with pretty much anything nature-inspired. This stunning piece looks amazing on the wall — and the clear glass ensures that it fits in with any decor.

Munger Interiors
So… we know we said a second ago that we love simplicity in bathroom art. But when the bathroom vanity, floors and furniture are super clean and sleek, throwing in a show-stopping piece of modern art adds that instant wow factor.

Curtis and Windham Design
Nothing personalizes a space quite like art. What a great way to wake up — or go to sleep — dreaming of exploring the world!

Modern Craft Construction
A stunning piece of contemporary art is a fantastic, whimsical contrast to the more staid elements of a traditional bath. The art also adds so much light and personality.
Urban KaleidoscopeThe best thing about art is that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. In a space as personal and private as the bathroom, having art that makes you excited to wake up in the morning really is the most important thing! What’s hanging on your bathroom walls? Thanks for making us a part of your day!


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