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In Good Taste:Drummonds

We all know that to-die-for bathrooms sell houses. But we think they’re so much more than that. The bathroom should be a sanctuary, a haven, a place to actually be by yourself for a second!
Of course, we don’t all have the budget for a solid carerra marble bath. (We know… Seriously? Amazing!) But, even if our baths aren’t cavernous and one of a kind, it’s always nice to get a little inspiration for those special touches that make it feel relaxing.
In the drool-worthy bath category, we think Drummonds designs all-stars. That’s why their work is in good taste this Tuesday! 
Tubs come in all shapes and sizes these days, but, for our soaking, there’s nothing like a cast iron tub. This one looks perfect for relaxing in bubbles up to our necks!
We’re fans of the bathroom/sitting room combo. If you have the room, why not? Who wouldn’t want to get out of the tub beside a roaring fire?
This stunning double sink is one of those incredible combinations old and new that add so much character to a home. It’s pretty obvious that all of Drummonds’ products are handmade.
Bathing is great. Bathing with a view is better. Did you see that hardware? We think our hearts just skipped a beat…
Talk about juxtaposition! This combination of rustic beams and upscale finishes is like nothing we’ve ever seen…

And we think it’s fabulous! That marble tub is incredible, but we’re even crazier about that fantastic towel bar. The ladder look is amazing and practical. Who can get by with only one towel?  
What does your dream bath look like?

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Frameless Showers

Factory, Ltd
First things first: The winner of the Rejuvenation $100 gift card giveaway is… Drumroll please… Jessie from Mix and Chic! Yay! We can’t wait to see what you pick, Jessie!
Now, onto showers. We’ve reached that point in the remodel of the Beaufort house where all those last, little details that are oh, so important, are driving us crazy!
Sarah Richardson
Case in point: The shower enclosures. Who knew there were so many options? Rods, doors, framed, frameless… And if you go with glass, what hardware to pick? How thick should the glass be?
Better Homes and Gardens
We’ve hemmed and hawed and debated. We love the simple, white mosaic and subway tile we picked for the showers. It looks perfect with the era of the house and is clean and fresh without being fussy. And we think the rain shower heads are fantastic! So that makes us think that maybe going with glass is the best idea…
Design Rulz
But, on the other hand, Mom and I don’t object in the least to a rod with a beautiful curtain. Maybe something in a matelasse with a monogram? We adore the look of a white curtain with that crisp, seaside blue.
Brynn Alexander

But, at the end of the day, frameless shower doors are undeniably more modern, and, in a place where you want to be able to focus on the view, the more glass the better! Especially in our upstairs master, one of the best parts about the bathroom is that it overlooks the water. Putting a glass shower door in there is a no brainer. It’s like bathing outdoors but without the mosquitoes!
John Maniscalco Architects
I’m not sure we realized how much variation there could actually be in something as simple sounding as a glass shower enclosure. We were just thinking of something as simple as possible. You know, frameless glass, silver hinges, silver handle.

Did you have any idea you could have a shower door made with a rope handle? We didn’t! Isn’t that cute and coastal? It’s such a great departure from plain silver or brass.

And there’s definitely something to be said for incorporating that touch of black.

And the idea of a skylight in there is amazing! We love a shower with windows, but it’s a little tough to pull that off in a way that no one can see in while you see out! 
Tim Barber
Talk about fancy shower light! Now this is what we’re talking about…  Imagine being able to open the window in your shower! This, obviously would only work if you have trees for neighbors, which definitely isn’t our situation. But it’s a good thought for a future farm shower!

McCaul Turner Design
We thought we had it all figured out when Will threw a curveball. Why not have an open concept like this with no door at all? So here’s our question for those of you with this cool design: Does it get kind of breezy in there? We are huge fans of garden seats and adore the idea of putting one in the shower. Sometimes you just need a little rest!

We’re feeling pretty good about the glass doors, so I guess it’s time to make some final decisions about bathroom cabinets. Don’t even get us started on the endless amount of options there…  The natural wood of these looks nice and coastal.

We like these handles. Then you aren’t married to any metallics!
Zuniga Interiors
We’ve done pretty well so far being decisive keeping those change orders to a bare minimum. But this marble chevron floor… Oh, man!  Why didn’t we think of that? We hope your weekend is as fun as this marble!



Luxury living.
That’s what Patrick Sutton Design is all about.
But luxury doesn’t come in one shape or size.
As the incomparable Coco Chanel said, “If it isn’t comfortable, then it isn’t luxury.”
Enter slipcovers.
From a grand master with layers of lovely,
to a chic coastal suite with the perfect light (and a boat on the ceiling!),
Patrick Sutton does it all in good taste.
We love that combo of gray and brass with a little hint of silver. So beautiful!
Color is great, but especially in the kitchen! We love the combination of blue and green. Plus, the way it’s done in this kitchen, those pops can change on a whim, while the other elements stay classically chic.
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Monday Musings: Beaufort Update

 It has been awhile since we gave an update on the Beaufort place, and we’ve made great progress! That awful mantle in the dining room is in the process of being revamped — wish we could say the same for the tile! And the new paint looks amazing! We don’t miss the pea soup green even a little bit.
 Here’s another view of the dining room paint and the molding. It’s so fresh!

 Delicious fresh paint in the living room as well. One day that tile will be gone…
 The first coat of the stain has been put on the kitchen floors, and the paint looks great too. The new cabinets should be in later this week. Woo hoo!

 Here’s another view of the floors.
 The first coat is on the new floors in Mom and Dad’s bath…
And their room and bath are the most soothing blue! We think we’re four for five on paint colors, which really isn’t bad.
 A little more blue with the pretty gray grout and fresh, clean tile.
 A couple of the fixtures are set in our upstairs master.

And the bathtub has been framed.
This pretty egg and dart molding matches the molding on the stairs.
In the most exciting news…
 The third floor construction has begun!!
 Here’s the little window in the third floor…
 Which is going to be replaced with this huge new window!
 Here’s the new entrance to the third floor…
And the affectionately named stairway to heaven! Oh how we’ve waited for you…
In other news, Will’s sound system is wired up and looking good. Here’s an example speaker.
The floors outside of little Will’s bathroom are finished. They look way shinier here than they are.
So that’s where we are… The upstairs floors are finished, (but we haven’t seen yet so no photos) the kitchen cabinets will be here this week, and we’re making progress slowly but surely. We hope we have a lot more to show soon! If you want to go back to the very beginning, it’s here and here. Sometimes it makes us feel better to see how far we’ve come!
We hope you all have a wonderful day. Thank you for visiting us today!


In Good Taste:David Kleinberg Design

We always get so excited for Tuesdays because Tuesday means… the display of a truly fabulous talent! Tuesdays are all about truly good taste, and David Kleinberg is no exception.
His work is always suited to the exacting tastes of his often repeat clients. And we can see why. With rooms like this we’d come back for more too!
We don’t think we’ve ever seen a solid marble island before. Super cool!
These stainless cabinets and drawers are amazing. Just the right amount of chic reflection.
We adore this earthy color palette. 
There’s no denying that a dark, paneled den is one of our all-time favorite rooms. When it’s as exquisitely designed as this one it’s all the better.
What an inviting place to wind down after a long day!
Dining al fresco should be a daily event. Forget dining out. What’s more relaxing than a home-cooked meal in the fresh air?
For a fabulous paneled look with a fresh, bright feel, lightening up the stain is a good call. We love this library ladder!
A mirrored vanity is so glamorous. 
This is the type of room that takes a morning routine from mundane to marvelous. We hope your morning is starting just this same way!


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