Beautiful Bathroom Organization

Home Bunch
Bathrooms are perhaps the most utilitarian rooms in the house.
Julien Nightingale Design
But that doesn’t mean they can’t also be the most beautiful.
Thomas O’Brien
After all, the room we spend a good portion of the moments right before waking and sleeping should be somewhere we feel relaxed, invigorated and totally calm.
Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles
We’ll admit that we can get pretty excited over any element in the bathroom.
Amy Howard Home
Sinks that look as much like jewelry as somewhere to wash your hands are always welcome in one of our rooms.
Good Life of Design
And — it is the new year after all — if it is gorgeously, fantastically organized then we really can’t stop dreaming of it! 
Brooke Giannetti
(See all those glass canisters… That’s what we’re talking about!)
Brabourne Farm
When space allows, decorative details that make the bath feel as accessorized and beautiful as the rest of the house are a must! This lovely lamp and tray are inspiring us!
Style at Home
Talk about inspirational! A tray by the bath full of favorite things is such a little luxury that we could all use for our New Year’s relaxation time.
Thomas Pheasant Design
Speaking of… Of all the elements that combine to make a gorgeous bathroom, the bathtub is by far our favorite!
New England Home Magazine
Tub or no tub, big bath or tiny, one, simple thing that we can all do to make our baths feel light, luscious and beautifully designed is keep a tiny (or big!) vase full of fresh stems right on the sink. 
Tracery Interiors
What a wonderful way to start the day!
Wishing you a day full of beautiful things!


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Things We Love: Beautiful Hardware

We all know what it takes to make a beautiful bathroom. Gorgeous stone, the perfect lighting, that just-right tub that is so very relaxing. If you’re like us, after making ten million tiny decisions about the bath, picking the right fixtures is one of those things you get over with at midnight when the plumber called at four and said he needed it tomorrow…
But, if these fabulous baths are any indication, we think we have that all wrong! This incredible bamboo shower is drool-worthy for sure. But, had that stunning shower head been a shade off or the sleek handles a little thicker, the entire look could have come off looking wrong, wrong, wrong!

We can’t imagine that much could happen in this bath that would deter us from soaking until we turned to prunes. But even a tub this graciously lovely and oversized could have been mishandled in the hands of the wrong faucet. (Isn’t that print wall amazing?!)
Everything about this bath is grand, right down to those luscious-looking, glass-ensconced salts. A too-small amateur faucet would have killed the look
The perfect surround, like one of these Mira Showers Shower Enclosures is the best way we can imagine to show off a to-die faucet. 
We think that brass bath hardware can be hard to pull off, but this bath does it beautifully! We like the combination with the black and that sleek door handle is just the right touch.

Atlanta Homes
If we’re a little scared of brass bathroom hardware we’re very scared of mixing metals in the bath. (Although, we did do it in Beaufort as you’ll soon see…) The contrast in these pendants is fabulous!

Home Bunch
Doesn’t a beautiful sponge make a shower? The shower isn’t somewhere we often think of accessorizing, but it really does matter. Who wants to peek in an intricately designed stone shower only to see a half-empty bottle of Pert Plus, four conditioners and three body washes? But we do have to ask: Where is their shampoo.
Millennium Cabinetry
We’re no strangers to candles by the bath. But candles in the shower? That’s really something! Do you think they go out when the shower is running? For the record, we think they have just the right amount of shower supplies inside this enclosure!
Design Investments
If you were designing your dream bath, what fabulous hardware would you choose? Do you think it matters?
Thanks for being with us today!


Frameless Showers

Factory, Ltd
First things first: The winner of the Rejuvenation $100 gift card giveaway is… Drumroll please… Jessie from Mix and Chic! Yay! We can’t wait to see what you pick, Jessie!
Now, onto showers. We’ve reached that point in the remodel of the Beaufort house where all those last, little details that are oh, so important, are driving us crazy!
Sarah Richardson
Case in point: The shower enclosures. Who knew there were so many options? Rods, doors, framed, frameless… And if you go with glass, what hardware to pick? How thick should the glass be?
Better Homes and Gardens
We’ve hemmed and hawed and debated. We love the simple, white mosaic and subway tile we picked for the showers. It looks perfect with the era of the house and is clean and fresh without being fussy. And we think the rain shower heads are fantastic! So that makes us think that maybe going with glass is the best idea…
Design Rulz
But, on the other hand, Mom and I don’t object in the least to a rod with a beautiful curtain. Maybe something in a matelasse with a monogram? We adore the look of a white curtain with that crisp, seaside blue.
Brynn Alexander

But, at the end of the day, frameless shower doors are undeniably more modern, and, in a place where you want to be able to focus on the view, the more glass the better! Especially in our upstairs master, one of the best parts about the bathroom is that it overlooks the water. Putting a glass shower door in there is a no brainer. It’s like bathing outdoors but without the mosquitoes!
John Maniscalco Architects
I’m not sure we realized how much variation there could actually be in something as simple sounding as a glass shower enclosure. We were just thinking of something as simple as possible. You know, frameless glass, silver hinges, silver handle.

Did you have any idea you could have a shower door made with a rope handle? We didn’t! Isn’t that cute and coastal? It’s such a great departure from plain silver or brass.

And there’s definitely something to be said for incorporating that touch of black.

And the idea of a skylight in there is amazing! We love a shower with windows, but it’s a little tough to pull that off in a way that no one can see in while you see out! 
Tim Barber
Talk about fancy shower light! Now this is what we’re talking about…  Imagine being able to open the window in your shower! This, obviously would only work if you have trees for neighbors, which definitely isn’t our situation. But it’s a good thought for a future farm shower!

McCaul Turner Design
We thought we had it all figured out when Will threw a curveball. Why not have an open concept like this with no door at all? So here’s our question for those of you with this cool design: Does it get kind of breezy in there? We are huge fans of garden seats and adore the idea of putting one in the shower. Sometimes you just need a little rest!

We’re feeling pretty good about the glass doors, so I guess it’s time to make some final decisions about bathroom cabinets. Don’t even get us started on the endless amount of options there…  The natural wood of these looks nice and coastal.

We like these handles. Then you aren’t married to any metallics!
Zuniga Interiors
We’ve done pretty well so far being decisive keeping those change orders to a bare minimum. But this marble chevron floor… Oh, man!  Why didn’t we think of that? We hope your weekend is as fun as this marble!


New Year’s Organization, Take 3!

Mark Sikes (magazines)
In case you didn’t have enough organization yesterday or the day before, we have a few more inspiration photos for keeping all those shelves, cabinets and drawers in tip top 2013 shape!

This is always my aspiration for my office. Here’s the thing: If they wouldn’t keep sending me more bills and mail after I got it all filed away, then my desk would always be perfectly neat and tidy. Geez.

Better Homes and Gardens
We have organizational goals, sure, but I can’t ever foresee a time when my wrapping paper will be gorgeously displayed like this. I’m not thrilled about it being shoved in a chest drawer in my entrance hall, but I think neat rows are all I can strive for!
Better Homes and Gardens
We are drowning in children’s books, but it isn’t practical to keep them all hidden behind cabinets — too hard to grab when the little squirmer will stay still for two minutes. This is cute, organized and super practical for toddlerhood!
Chandra Beck
Ok. Now it’s time for some opinions. We keep our shoes in the shoe boxes in the shoe shelves in our closets. But when we see photos like this it makes us want to ditch them. What do you think? Boxes or no?
Kate Morgan
Sigh… We’ve dealt with plain, dry cleaners, wire hangers for years, but there’s no denying that all those wood ones make quite the impression.
Better Homes and Gardens
Double sigh. So lovely.
Lonny Magazine
We’re in heaven. Our hands-down favorite organizational tool is the natural fiber basket. So gorgeous!
Better Homes and Gardens
We can only imagine how easy Christmas wrapping could be next year in a space like this…
Pulp Design Studio
This is a hair more realistic for us!
Country Living Magazine
Oh, wow! I’ve been trying to talk Will into a garden shed lately. If the inside could be this organized I think I might win my case…
Marianne Simon
This makes us want to become hard-core gardeners.

La Dolce Vita

This is what we need. A plan. It all seems so easy right here in black and white. (And green.) 
We hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Day and are feeling super inspired for whatever you are going to do this year — or, better yet, super relaxed that you’re where you want to be already! Thanks for reading today. Stop by tomorrow. We might put up a few pics of our organizational progress!


Mission Organization: 2013

Bijou Kaleidoscope
It’s that time of the year again… Time to start thinking about who we’re going to be in 2013! 
A Well Traveled Woman
We’ve already started on this year’s resolution: Become organization queens! 
Organization Household Tips
Is there anything like the feeling of opening a cabinet and seeing it looking perfectly, neatly organized?
Martha Stewart
So far, I’ve come a long way toward getting my pantry and cabinets obsessively organized. Matching baskets… rows of matching glass jars… Pretty labels… You get the idea. 
Martha Stewart
But, honestly, I’m just not sure that there’s any hope of getting things this gorgeous.
Brabourne Farm
We just adore the idea of getting our sheets tied with beautiful ribbon into neat bundles. But, honestly, a good portion of the time I’m just shooting for getting them off of my laundry room floor! 
Martha Stewart
It’s always good to have something to shoot for, though, right? I mean, if Martha can do it…
Alexandra Golovanoff
The bathroom is one of my major pitfalls because it seems like so often I’m in a hurry trying to get ready in the mornings. (That’s just me though, right? 🙂 )Maybe it’s the one-year-old frantically signing “strawberries” and pulling on my leg!
Paul Moon Architect
So, this year is going to be just as much about creating systems to keep it all organized as it is about getting it that way. 
South Shore Decorating
After all, we don’t want to be back to this same resolution in 2014! Have we mentioned our complete obsession with everything glass? It looks so clean and streamlined, no matter what’s inside.
Leslie Sachs
Another thing that makes everything feel clean and finished? Flowers! They’re like the period at the end of the sentence.
Steve Gianetti Architect
So, what’s your resolution? Do you have any great systems for keeping your closets glass-front worthy?
Check back for the rest of the week to see more great, home-sprucing inspiration!


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