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 It’s only Tuesday, and we’re dreaming of a weekend at the beach again already… It’s just that time of year I guess! From sailboats to sea shells to a hint of nautical rope, we’re celebrating those tiny touches that take a home from chic to beach chic. We hope these photos make you feel like you’re on a mini-vacation today!

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 Thanks for stopping by and making us a part of your day.   Wherever you are, we hope it’s amazing!

Fashionable Friday: Hats

We wish people wore more hats. 

belle of the ball
Weddings are just more festive when the millinery is as fine as the guests. (Just ask Kate and William.)
My grandmother often reminisces about the days when each season you bought a new outfit complete with a fabulous bag, shoes and, of course, hat. We’re jealous. Except, of course, if we’re attending a horse race in which case we would get to buy a new hat too. But how often are you really going to a horse race?
pretty stuff
A hat is totally acceptable on a boat, of course, but it’s usually a touch too windy.
everything fab
So, we feel like the beach is one of the only places we can really rock an oversized brim.
pretty things
The bigger the better, we say.
bourbon and pearls
Of course, there is something timeless about a hat that’s a little smaller too… 
(Side note, I am getting Will a puppy immediately if not sooner after seeing this.)
bourbon and pearls
What a little lady. I bet she’ll grow up and wear her hat with reckless abandon!
We’re off for a family week at the beach where we’ll be wearing hats 24/7. We hope your weekend is wonderful!


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