Anne Hepfer Design

Ahhhhh….qua. We really think that’s how it should be spelled. Because, out of all the color choices, it’s quite possibly the most soothing. Doesn’t this kitchen just whisper, “You could relax with a quiet cup of coffee here?”

Anne Hepfer Design

Aqua seems like a very appropriate color choice for this week because a group of friends and I are hosting a baby shower at the Beaufort house! And it’s a…. boy! (Otherwise, the aqua probably wouldn’t seem quite so appropriate…) 

Andrew J. Howard

But, boy or girl, aqua really is just one of our all-time, all-around favorite colors. Well, I mean, right now. Favorite colors are apt to change, you know.

Ken Hayden Photography – Metropolitan Magazine

Aqua is one of those colors that doesn’t feel the need to call attention to itself. Just a hint, like in this living room, is wonderful. And Fresh Flowers like those on the side table are such a luxury!

Tim Clarke Design – Noah Webb Photographer

This bathroom is so fabulous, and that little touch of aqua shampoo adds a little something extra, don’t you think? (We feel like all of you, like us, are the kind of people who would buy a shampoo based on color coordination for the bathroom…)

Serena and Lily = Carl Hernandez Artist

Swooning over this painting. Carl Hernandez is such a talented artist!

Windsor Smith Design

What a dream vanity! The mirror is so stunning and that little aqua stool is just the perfect touch. We’d love to get ready here every morning!

Ken Hayden Photography

Let’s face it, this bathroom would be phenomenal in any color. Check out that view! The aqua seems to blend right in so beautifully!

Michael Stavaridis Photography

I need to know where these chairs are from ASAP. They are incredible. This is just the kind of place where a glass railing is so appropriate. You just have to be able to see that glittering pool below!

Michael Stavaridis Photography

Oh my gosh! This might be one of the coolest pictures of the beach we’ve seen! Incredible!!

Lynn Morgan Design

Both of these lights are so chic. We love beach house decor that ties in all the colors from right outside the door.

Ken Hayden Photograpy

What a dreamy kitchen. That one little patch of aqua keeps all of that white from looking boring. (Although, let’s be real, it would still be crazy amazing without the aqua…)

Emily McCarthy

Oh so adorable!

Neiman Marcus

I must have these…


And this! What’s better for summer than aqua toes? Well, maybe aqua toes in the sand…

Wishing you a wonderful (preferably sandy) weekend!

House Tour: Connecticut Shore


 The shore… It’s a phrase we don’t use enough. I’m going to the shore. We’re spending the weekend at the shore. Sigh…


But when your home is as stunning as this one, “beach” or “coast” just doesn’t cut it anymore. You’re officially summering at the shore.


Monday Musings: Charleston Charm

Ravenel Bridge
There are few cities that we love more than Charleston, SC. We took a family trip (Mom, Dad, Will, Will, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Tommy, Cousin Sidney) last weekend to Wild Dunes so that we could get the best of the beach and Charleston, and we had an absolute blast!
Charleston Park
Baby Will had a wonderful time strolling around downtown and doing a little shopping, and, thankfully, loved the beach! We have taken him to the beach a bunch, but it has always been too cold and windy to actually go on the beach. We were holding our breaths because it would be a bit of a problem if he didn’t love it. But he thought it was the coolest thing ever! He laughed and laughed, ate a couple handfuls of sand (I pushed aside the report I recently read about E.Coli levels in sand) and then passed right out for a little salt-air nap. 
The incredible architecture on The Battery is certainly one of the most defining things about Charleston. Just to walk around and let your jaw drop a little at the amazing homes is worth the trip.
The Battery
After Will and I went a couple of years ago I spent months trying to train the ivy on our front steps in New Bern to grow like it does on so many of the homes in Charleston. It kind of worked. Double front porches are one of life’s best things. Don’t you think?

 Charleston Homes

Here’s a little Charleston fun fact if you’ve never been: The homes on the Battery are very narrow on the street side and then go WAAAAAY back. That’s because, when they were built, you were taxed on how many feet you took up on the street. Pretty sneaky, huh?
The Historic Market
It’s a little touristy, sure, but the Historic Market really is pretty. And to watch those baskets being woven is a marvel.
Wild Dunes Home
Here’s a fabulous home in Wild Dunes. The one we stayed in was super charming but not quite on this scale! We’re always trying to find a place that can comfortably house our entire family of 20. We think this one would do the trick!

Wild Dunes Homes Herlong Architects
You know we love Herlong Architects. This is one of their homes in Wild Dunes. It’s such a pretty area, even if you aren’t ocean front.

Magnolia Gardens
Such peaceful, natural beauty. I always want to grab a big handful of that moss to bring home.

Charleston Pier- Waterfront Park
Did you do anything fun this weekend?


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