Shelter Island Fisherman’s Cottage


Good morning, friends! We hope it’s a beautiful day in your part of the world. We’re savoring this perfect fall weather and dreaming of charming spaces like this fabulous Shelter Island fisherman’s cottage.


 This incredible garden, perfect for entertaining, might just be our favorite part of this idyllic space.


Black, Gold and Falling in Love

Candace Cavanaugh
It’s a universal truth: We all have one that got away. A love that lives deep in our hearts forever, even when we are completely convinced that there is no chance of it ever being ours again. 
Megan Winters Design
Oh. And I’m not talking about a person. This is much more serious. I’m talking about that perfect, so you, once-in-a-lifetime find that you let slip right out of your fingers. It would have absolutely made your decor, and you just didn’t jump fast enough.
Carlyle Designs
If you’re sitting there, nodding your head in agreement, well then bless your heart. If you aren’t, then I’m happy for you. Truly. I am. (I promise this relates to black and gold eventually…)
Tiffany Richey Design
I am an auction queen. Hubby reminds me that it isn’t technically winning if you pay for it. But he kind of likes to see me there in my element all the same. Now, I’m picky about my auctions. I’m not going to sit through a bunch of junk to get to a good piece. Fortunately, a couple of places around here specialize in just the good stuff.

One fateful auction afternoon, we were in search of a large chest and a secretary to flank a window in our living room. I had already “won” a third piece — a bleached mahogany chest that graces little boy’s room and is so perfect you wouldn’t have been able to let it go either — when this stunning, pristine, fabulous black and gold French desk appeared at the front. 

Jamie Herzlinger Interiors
Now, I had to talk myself down a bit. When I tell you that the furniture for my office had just been moved in, there were still pieces of felt underneath the legs. And I had decided to go crisp, clean, modern and minimalist for my office, a total departure from the rest of the house. So I basically sat on my paddle the entire time, telling myself that it was an absurd purchase and I had absolutely nowhere for it. Hubby had gone outside to stretch his legs, and, as he walked back in, the bidding was over.

He sat back down and said, “Wow! You got a steal on that.”
“I didn’t bid on it,” I whispered.
“What?!” He leaned back. “Oh you’re kidding me. It looks just like you.”
“But I didn’t have a place for it.”
The Orient Express – Paris
He reached over and felt my forehead, right there, in the middle of all those people. “What have you done with my wife?”
You see, I am not a practical buyer. I am a love buyer. I see something that I simply can’t live without, go for it, and find a place later. And, thus far, it has worked out for me. 
“It looks just like Mary McDonald’s,” I whispered.
He tried to convince me to get the auctioneer to put it back up, which he probably would have done. But it was over. And I knew it.

Rockstud Leopard Slingback

Chanel No. 5
I found a walnut chest that day, a tall two over three with these incredible carved handles. And a secretary so large and stunning it needs an oversized chair to even be able to reach. And, of course, that precious chest in baby boy’s room. So, needless to say, the day was far from a loss.
Loeffler Randall Charlotte Suede Sandal

But the sting of letting that black and gold French desk walk out that door… It’s as fresh today as it was three years ago. And, of course, I’ve never seen one like it, quite as gorgeous or fractionally as good of a deal again. So, the moral of the story is, don’t have anti-buyers remorse. When you fall in love, take the plunge. Because who wants to wonder what might have been? 
But, at the end of the day, I guess it comes down to that other universal truth: It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all…


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