Shelter Island Fisherman’s Cottage


Good morning, friends! We hope it’s a beautiful day in your part of the world. We’re savoring this perfect fall weather and dreaming of charming spaces like this fabulous Shelter Island fisherman’s cottage.


 This incredible garden, perfect for entertaining, might just be our favorite part of this idyllic space.


Black and White

Windsor Smith Interiors

It is, inarguably, one of the most classic color combinations. 

Michael Stavaridis Photography

For traditional office supplies that always work their hardest, 


In Black and White

It’s so simple, really.
When at a loss for the perfect color scheme, there’s nothing quite like black and white. 
Classic and colorful
Anything in black and white is instantly calming.
lalala bonne
It’s a reminder of a less hectic time…
never a fizzle
Before cell phones and iPads, HD and email…
lalala bonne

There were opera glasses and pearls.

MD Lawson
Puppies, swingsets and playdates on the lawn.

a cheap high
Hours spent miles away from the shore without so much as a Wii or a wireless hotspot.

Vicki Archer
And so, sometimes, in the chaos of the things that are supposed to make our lives easier, we wish for a little black and white.

Chic, timeless…

never a fizzle

Forever classic.

The world has more color in black and white.

There’s no better time than the holidays to indulge in the sweet release of black and white. Snowflakes, hot cocoa, and marshmallows to spare… Please, oh, please, Santa, give us the simple life!


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In Good Taste: Richard Hallberg Design

Like great writers, musicians, composers and artists, so many great designers have such a flair that their work is immediately identifiable. Richard Hallberg is one of those rare designers whose work varies to suit the needs of a client but still maintains that signature flair that is all his own. Looking at these fabulous photos, we think you’ll agree that Richard Hallberg’s work is in good taste.

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Fashionable Friday: White Christmas

Forget red and green. From delicate lace to luscious cashmere, from daytime shopping to nighttime cocktails, we’re dressing for a white Christmas. Let it snow! 


Statement Making Black and White Art

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Design Traveller
Sally Wheat’s kitchen

Ralph Lauren’s Home

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Kate and Andy Spade’s Home
Life of Polarn Per
Mary Douglas Drysdale Interiors
Kate and Andy Spade’s Home
Kate and Andy Spade’s Home


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