Black and White

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It is, inarguably, one of the most classic color combinations. 

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For traditional office supplies that always work their hardest, 


It All Hinges On…

So many tiny, seemingly insignificant details come together to create a room with that enviable, “finished” look.
We tend to think about the flowers in the vase, the place setting on the table…
Even those wellies by the door.
But the hinges
We’re obsessed with statement hardware, but we’d never, ever given more consideration to our hinges than which finish would be best.
That all changed when we found Hingeheads

In a gorgeous, everything-in-its-place nursery,
A coordinating door hinge is the piece de resistance. 
A fabulous, reclaimed wood barn door
looks even more amazing capped off by a fleur de lis.
For the special son who likes to catch a wave,
a fond remembrance of a favorite pastime is there to greet him when he walks through the door.
If a furry friend always makes your day,
why not pay homage to her where you let her out for her daily prance around the yard?
We’re all about commitment where commitment is due, but, honestly, sometimes we don’t want to marry our decor. One of our favorite things about hingeheads is that they’re magnetic. Yup. No handyman, no honey do list, no drills of any kind. Just stick, go and change your mind later if you want.
Because, in reality, she might not be a ballerina forever.
Happy Monday, lovely friends! 


In Good Taste: Brooks and Falotico Architects

When it comes to good taste, Brooks and Falotico have it all wrapped up.
Their drool-worthy designs are our obsession today. We hope you enjoy them too!
Wow! Is there really anything else to say?
We just love black doors. All of these are simply gorgeous!
We love how this kitchen seems both new and clean and like it has aged gracefully. 
This is one of our favorite kitchens. We’re using it for inspiration in Beaufort!
This conservatory is off-the-charts amazing. The light is just fabulous! 
It’s hard to beat the affect of symmetry on a room.
A perfect spot for daydreaming — and dog dreaming!
A grand staircase makes an entryway.

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Black Doors

Tony Ingrao and Alexis Gregory Design

We know that every room needs a punch of it, so it’s always nice to find an interesting way to incorporate black in a not-so-basic way. Outside, nothing makes a statement quite like a black front door. Inside, a black door is a startling, welcome departure from the expected white. Here are a few of our favorite uses of black doors.

Slim Paley Photography
William Waldron Photography

KML Design

Courtnay Daniels Haden

Roger Higgins Design via Traditional Home


Thomas O’Brien Design
We hope you’re all having a wonderful afternoon!


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