Feeling Blue


We’re feeling blue this weekend–in the good way! 


Feeling Blue

Anne Decker ArchitectsGordon Beall Photography 

 Since it’s the beginning of Labor Day weekend, we’re trying to bring in some good, blue vibes!

Lynn Morgan Design

 Blue skies and blue water, and, of course, blue interiors.


Bathed in Blue

Windsor Smith Home

Happy Friday, friends! First, we’re so sorry about the issues we’ve been having on our blog lately and the pictures being slow to load. We have some great people working on it, and hope that it will all be fixed by Sunday. (Seriously this time…)

AND, I have some exciting news! I (Kristy) recently signed a book deal with Berkley, an imprint of Penguin Random House, and my first novel will be out early next Spring! Yay! I probably don’t even have to tell you that the main character is an interior designer! So, to counteract our slow blog problems, we’re posting the rest of “Bathed in Blue” over at my new blog! There are some gorgeous blue and white photos (and a great quote!) that you won’t want to miss!

It won’t take the pictures long to download and you can let me know what you think of my new author site. (Shari at Little Blue Deer is working on it!) You are, after all, my most stylish friends! And, don’t worry. The new book/blog won’t affect Design Chic one bit! We hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Lee Ann Thornton Interiors

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Blue and White

Lynn Morgan Designs
 It’s the ultimate go-to color scheme, the pinnacle of fresh and fun and timeless style.
Lynn Morgan Design

 In crisp solids or bold patterns, from upholstery to Mother Nature’s finest, it’s a scheme that hard to beat.


Happy, White and Blue!

color blue and white all the kings houses
All the Kings Houses

In all shades, shapes, sizes and spaces, there are likely few color combinations as well loved, timeless and versatile.

color blue and white sara gilbane inte
Sara Gilbane Interiors

Even just a hint of blue is enough to liven a white space. These fun pendants and fabric add so much interest to this pretty kitchen.

color blue and white NY apt of rebecca de Ravenel vogue
NY apt of Rebecca de Ravenel via Vogue

Blue and white can be as bold as can be.

color blue and white quadrille-jill-unger interiors
Jill Unger Interiors

Bright and patterned and incredibly eye catching.

color blue and white the Brian McCarthy
Brian J. McCarthy Interior and Fritz von der Schulenburg Photography

And then, in the next room over it’s just as soft and soothing and lovely. And that’s what we think we love about it so much. It’s the perfect color combination to spread throughout a home, combine in coordinating tones and create a different feel in every space.

color blue and white mark d sikes
Mark D Sikes

At the end of the day, blue and white is just fun! Maybe it’s because it’s reminiscent of the sand and ocean and sky — and this fabulously, frighteningly fun convertible!

color blue and white jbmarchitects
John B. Murray Architects

In one breath, blue and white can be a throwback, reminiscent of a simpler time, as cozy and warm as an old stone hearth.

color blue and white francesco lagnese photography
Francesco Lagnese Photography

Then, in the next, it can be a whimsical yet ultimately calming tented room.

color blue and white

There’s no doubt that blue and white out the window is our favorite. But this stunning frock is a pretty close second!

color blue and white ne home mag
New England Home Magazine

A mix of shades and patterns keeps blue and white from being anything but boring.

color blue and white coastal living
Coastal Living Magazine

Even though it comes in thoroughly modern patterns,

color blue william briggs
William Briggs

It is always a classic! (And I have always been so crazy for Defender 90s… And my birthday is coming up, so if anyone has one they want to send my way…)

color blue and wite axel voordort
Axel Voordort

Speaking of classic, this amazing faucet has such old world, European charm.

color blue and white turqoise tulis
Turquoise, Tulips and Bliss

But a stir of the straw brings it back down South!

color blue and white toby leary finde woodworking
Toby Leary Fine Woodworking

From the front porch to the powder room,

color blue and white999

To those words we should never forget, blue and white always makes us happy!

Wishing you a day full of happy, no matter the color palette. Thanks for visiting us today!



In Good Taste: Lynn Morgan Design


We’re so excited to share the good taste of Lynn Morgan Design to liven up your Tuesday!


We are so taken with her style that you may be seeing it again tomorrow…


We totally adore the laid-back, effortless style,


The fresh and lively color palettes,



The crisp, clean, streamlined sophistication.



Each room has a distinct personality,



But timelessness and comfort permeate every space.




From the bright and bold,


To the soft and chic,


To those cozy spaces in the great outdoors,


There’s simply no denying good taste. Wishing you a Tuesday chock full of it!

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