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Oh my goodness… Are we ever crazy about design books! So we were so excited when Holly Holden contacted us to review her new book The Pretty and Proper Living Room. The hot pink cover is a great first start! Because who can ever have enough pink? We know we can’t!


 Since we’re a mother/daughter team, we especially love the premise of this book: Holly originally compiled all her fabulous advice from more than 25 years of classic design experience to teach her daughter how to decorate her first “Big Girl House.” Don’t you just love that? So now we all get to reap the benefits of Holly’s fabulous advice!  (more…)

Love Where You Live!

Can’t you just imagine it? Living a life in the country surrounded by fresh air, green grass and quiet
Whether you dream of country living or need some practical tips on creating a comfortable and stylish home, design expert Joan Osofsky and co-author Abby Adams have plenty of wisdom and photo inspiration in their book Love Where You Live: At Home in the Country. 
One of our favorite things about country living is the simplicity of it all, which the authors of this book capture so beautifully. Open shelving and eclectic, collected china… Fresh tomatoes from your garden on the cutting board…
Talk about a stylish mudroom! This stone is beautiful, adding a hint of that mountainous, outdoorsy feel. One of our favorite things about country living — and this book — is that there seems to be less of a need for everything to be perfect. Part of the beauty is in the authenticity of it all.
Anytime, any place, from the country to the city to the seashore, there’s something about adding sunflowers to a table that completely changes the mood. We don’t have to tell you that dining al fresco is one of our very most favorite things. And at a table this charming, who could resist?

Without a doubt, one of the most crucial parts of country living is what’s happening outside. In Love Where You Live, while interior design is important, landscape and exterior design are equally figured — and endlessly charming!

But the very best thing about Love Where You Live is that it beautifully illustrates that country living isn’t just about one sense of style or adhering to “rules.” From lovers of the uber-traditional to those with more modern tastes, anyone can be at home in the country. Furthermore, even those without the country on their radar can use Joan’s tips to recreate their houses and love where they live.
Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work with us, Joan and Abby! This book is available for sale on Amazon starting September 3. Check it out! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!


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Rare Reads

The Life of Polarn Per
Whether antique, brand new or somewhere in between, there are few decorating staples we love to utilize like a great collection of books. While the glossy ones can be glamorous, there is something about the history of an heirloom that adds so much character to a room, not to mention that the outsides of vintage books are generally as interesting as their insides. From the most relaxed room to the most formal, here are a few of our favorite shots.

The Life of Polarn Per

Olsson and Jenson Design
We aren’t sure if this is antique or simply really beautiful handmade paper, but, either way, we’d like to have a copy!

KML Design


Bookcases don’t always have to be arranged in perfect lines. Sometimes, we prefer when you can tell someone really uses their shelves.

The Paris Apartment
This whole desk area is like going back in time.



This collection must have been quite the find. We haven’t run across too many sets of white spines, unfortunately!

The Little Book of Secrets


The Book of Secrets
Antique books don’t always have to match! We love that these look well loved and collected.

Turquoise, Tulips and Bliss

Have a great day, everyone! 

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At Home with Town and Country

We wait with bated breath every month for  our hot-off-the-press, glossy copies of Town and Country to arrive in the mail slot. Every issue overflows with design inspiration and fantastic writing. So imagine our excitement at finding a book that could tide us over when the stretch between monthly issues feels like it’s getting a little long. The second to last photo with all the bookshelves is my favorite. A room where I can be surrounded by books is my dream. What’s your dream room?

Thanks to Decor Arts for the photos. If you want this beauty to adorn your coffee table, it’s available at Amazon.

Tabletop Tuesday: Perfect Porches

If you’re like us, your porch is one of your favorite rooms. Because some are big, some are small and they receive various amounts of exposure to the elements, designing these spaces can be a little trickier than decorating the average room. Fortunately, Paula S. Wallace has written Perfect Porches to provide a little inspiration whether you want your outdoor room to be casual, formal, modern or traditional. And, as is the reason we love books so much, even if you don’t use a lick of advice in the book, it is a great way to accessorize one of the indoor living areas in your house. Thanks to The Post and Courier and The Constant for this peek inside the pages. Enjoy!

Tabletop Tuesday: Rooms to Inspire in the City

New York, LA, Paris, London, Jakarta… Okay, so we live in North Carolina, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate — and adopt — elements of big-city style. Annie Kelly and photographer Tim Street-Porter have compiled some of the most beautiful and tasteful projects from big name designers such as Muriel Brandolini, Peter Dunham, Jonathan Adler, and Mary McDonald in their gorgeous book Rooms to Inspire in the City. Special tips on tight spaces, especially bathrooms and kitchens, make this book essential for those in the city, but universal design concepts make it a great find for anyone with fabulous taste. Thanks to Stylebeat for sharing the sample photos from this book:

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