Things We Love: Kids’ Spaces


Lisa Sherry Interieurs

Ever since becoming a mom–and maybe even before then–kids’spaces have been some of my absolute favorite.

Thea Home

We adore the way they can be artful and creative, fun and functional, child-like and sophisticated all at the same time.


In Good Taste: HLS Design

We are so often wowed by the beautiful vision of some of our favorite designers. The work of Hillary Littlejohn Scurtis is no different. We think you’ll agree that this designer’s work is in good taste!
Tufting, bamboo, banquettes and that perfect blue… What’s not to love?
This kitchen is the perfect mix of modern, sleek finishes and charming touches. Aren’t those pendants amazing?
The pops of green in this kitchen bring it to life! 
We can’t decide what we love more, this chandelier or these rattan swivel chairs.
We absolutely love slipcovered furniture. Do you? Our slipcovered chaises in Beaufort have already been washed twice…
Children’s rooms are the best! We love this adorable boat… Not to mention the adorable boy who sleeps in it. So cute!!
This playroom is as functional as it is charming. It looks like a child’s dream!
This looks like the kind of place a child’s imagination could run wild! We don’t know what this shelving unit made of, but we absolutely love it! It reminds us of an enchanted forest.
Of all the kids’ rooms, this one might be our favorite. There’s something about bunkbeds that are so incredibly adorable. Will used to have a giraffe like this in his room, but he told us the other morning that it scared him in the middle of the night when he woke up… So sad!
We hope you’re all having an amazing week!

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In Good Taste: Anne Hepfer Design

Some designers simply personify good taste.

Timeless elegance, the mingling of time periods and pieces and that all-important air of sophistication that doesn’t take itself too seriously are just a few of the things we love about Anne Hepfer Design’s gorgeous taste.
We adore how these designers can make a space fun and spirited,
While still maintaining that upscale sophistication.

What an idyllic spot for fresh air and relaxation.


Toddler mealtime has never looked so… delicious!
What a perfect spot for brunch!
A beautiful banquette brings a breakfast room to life.
These floors are fabulous!
One of our favorite things about Anne Hepfer Design is the ability to make both a formal home and a weekend cottage evoke the perfect feeling.
Red exudes so much energy in any room.
Children’s bedrooms are always so much fun!
It’s those extra special details that make these children’s rooms truly amazing.
A cozy nook for hosting guests!


We would love to be spending a warm, relaxing day catching up with friends on this lovely patio. We hope it’s beautiful where you are today!


Tents and Teepees

Francois Halard Photography

Grown-up or child, we all need a little bit of space that is all ours. Last week, I was looking for the perfect gift for my nephew’s two-year-old birthday. I wanted to give him a cute tent to put in the yard, but Mom suggested a teepee instead. What a perfect gift! He loves it, learned a great, new, easy-to-pronounce vocabulary word, and, most important, it looks adorable in the house but can go outside at any time. Definitely a winning combination.  These teepees are not only the perfect place for a child’s imagination to run wild, but also add a whimsical design touch to the room (or yard). We hope you love them as much as we do!

Castles, Crowns and Cottages

Birch and Lily

Crush Cul de Sac

This is definitely a tent suited for both playtime and cocktail hour. How fun that everyone in the family can fit inside!

Design Traveller
Design Traveller
This is such an adorable way to priss up the teepee idea a bit. I think I just saw it in Restoration Hardware baby… 
Design Traveller
ish and chi

Design is Mine

The ultimate slumber party!

ish and chi

Check out the gingerella picture and compare it to this one. It’s the same room all grown up, right? That chair is too distinctive to be a coincidence!
Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope it’s beautiful where you are!


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