House Tour: At Home on the Farm

For ancient tress and spagnum moss to write home about, there’s nowhere quite like Charleston, SC. The lowcountry is home to great gumbo, horse-drawn carriages, and, of course, stunning homes. That’s why it’s the perfect place to kick off our new Wednesday series on home tours. If you’re like us, you’re a little nosy. We don’t necessarily care what our neighbors are doing, but we sure would love to take a peek inside their houses! Here’s our big chance!
If you’re going to start something new, we say start big. What is bigger than a farmhouse. On the water.  It’s both of our dream houses rolled into one!

Rustic beams and paneling lend this house that lived-in, been-here-forever look that you only find at the best places.
Well-placed antiques further add to the charm and style of this fabulous home.
Every getaway needs a library full of great books. After all, if you’re still plugged in, you’re not really away.

It truly is the simple things that make a house a home. A glass soap dispenser on a clean counter feels so calming.
We can’t imagine a more relaxing place to sit on a beautiful day.

I wanna live where the green grass grows… Watch my corn pop up in rows… We couldn’t have said it better, Tim.
Serene marshland is one of the things the lowcountry does best!

What a view! We’re big fans of what’s inside, but, we have to admit, it’s what outside that really sets this place apart.
We hope you’ve enjoyed our first home tour. Check back every Wednesday for a peek at the house and grounds of another amazing place!
Source: Charleston Home Magazine 


Monday Musings: Beach House Dreaming

Do you ever decorate a house, one that isn’t even yours, completely in your mind? Every time we have moved somewhere we’ve completely decorated every potential house in our minds before we actually picked one to purchase.  
These days, we’ve had beach houses on the brain, and, in the preliminary looking that we’ve done, have decided exactly what we think we’d want to space to look like. When it comes to coastal homes, there are so many ways to go: fun, colorful and vibrant. Neutral, calm and spa-like. Nautically blue and white. We love them all, but, for our daydreaming this week, we’re loving a living area that is mostly neutrals to show off the view, with a touch of blue.

When dining, it’s always nice to let the food be the centerpiece. We love the look of a beautiful farm table in a beach house, either with rattan chairs like these or even Tolix or Louis ghost. Doesn’t this look like such an inviting place to dine? Maybe I’m just jealous of the martinis…

Even though we aren’t huge cooks, a well-appointed kitchen is a must. Gray cabinets, white marble and a touch of blue would blend beautifully with the living room. Plus, Will is a great cook, so he needs somewhere functional to make those fish stews come together!

There’s something about a chaise lounge that feels so decadent to us. Maybe it’s because it signifies time for lounging, which, at our beach place, will be an absolute must. What a lovely way to decorate a tucked away space just for reading. We hate walking into the back of a chair, but we might have to flip these just so we could enjoy the view!

Crisp whites and beautiful blues for a master retreat…
And I need a writing desk. No use wasting all that shoreline inspiration. And no need for drawers at the beach. No paperwork!
What a welcoming place for guests to enjoy. We adore this French bed. Wonder where they found that precious blue phone?

A tub for soaking? Yes, please. We love how just the essentials are displayed on these shelves. When your toiletries are so lovely, there’s no need for closed cabinets.
Another space for guests. We love benches in guest rooms so that guests have a place to put their bags for easy access.

An outdoor shower is a must, must, must!

Little Will’s room! We love a custom bunk. It makes everything feel like more of an adventure. Of course, don’t worry, we’ll give him a couple more years in the crib first!

Such a cute bathroom for children. We love the low mirrors.
A great mudroom is so important at the beach so everyone has a place to stash his stuff. Sand is, of course, inevitable, but why add insult to injury by dragging sandy towels into the living room?
A perfect place for a quiet bite or cup of coffee.

A small patio would be just right for us. We’d love a space to eat and grill and laugh with good friends.

Every little boy needs a little boat. The one Will’s grandaddy got him might not be quite this fancy, but we think it’s equally as charming. And when he’s 21 I’ll let him take it out alone 🙂 I think we could sit on the end of this dock for hours. Just watching the tide roll by…


Feeding the Farm

1st Option
Whether you have a Brady-sized family or love entertaining friends, a king-sized kitchen table is crucial for feeding a crowd. From the farm to the beach to the most glamorous home, we don’t think there’s a single space where a farm table isn’t welcome. 
Bella Mancini Designs
Starkly beautiful, these tables need few accessories.  
Attic Mag
And are perfect with any sort of light fixture, from a more rustic iron like this… 
Amy Neunsinger Design
To a glamorous chandelier like this.
Bright, Bold and Beautiful

It simply depends on the look you are trying to achieve. For the record, this is a look we adore–in the right space, of course. Wildflowers, mason jars, well-loved light fixtures. It’s a throwback to a simpler time, isn’t it?

Darling Chic

But, on the flip side, we wouldn’t trade our modern kitchens and silver for anything, which is why we have decided we need multiple vacation homes to do in all of the styles we love. Now we just need some willing volunteers to donate their homes. Any takers?

Love this wall of prints.

Elle Decor
This is what I really think of when I think of a farmhouse table. You can tell it’s a true antique, or, at the very least, that someone worked hard to make it look well loved!
Living, Etc.

These Louis ghost chairs are amazing with the farm table, and, admittedly, had we not seen them with our own eyes, we would have thought them too light to balance out such a hearty table. As a side note, my mother-in-law loves these chairs and is getting a pint-sized one for the baby! 

Restoration Hardware

I have to say that I love the look of this as well. These light fixtures are so incredible, and an upholstered dining chair is one of my favorite things.

Mom has always been skeptical of the upholstered-back dining chair, but she’s starting to come around more and more. The fact that she chose these pictures is a good, good sign, I think! 
Thanks for stopping by today!


Things We Love: Blue Ceilings

Sophie Munro Photographer via Coastal Living

 The lovely and talented Sarah Richardson says that she hates white ceilings and does most anything to avoid them. Well, that’s not good news for my house because, in general, the ceilings are white, white, white. While creating a playroom for our new baby boy, though, we’re taking Sarah’s advice into consideration and going with a blue ceiling. Now to find that perfect shade… We’re crossing our fingers that these beautiful photos will get us started. Hope you enjoy!

Conceptual Kitchen and Millwork
We love this gray/blue shade, but every time we’ve attempted this one it comes out looking way too blue. Anyone know of a perfect grue? Yup. That’s gray and blue mashed together. Kind of like Brangelina. It also means “to shudder” if you’re studying for the SAT. We, thank heaven, are not.

Design Traveller


Ruthie Sommers Design

LOVE the striped walls, which is giving me another playroom idea… 

This Photographer’s Life

Herlong Architects

Isn’t this ceiling beautiful?

Turquoise, Tulips and Bliss

Turquoise, Tulips and Bliss
A tour guide in Charleston told me that painting your porch ceiling blue keeps the bugs away. Ours was blue in our old house in New Bern, and I actually think it helped!
Herlong Architects
Or maybe it was the ceiling fans that kept the bugs away. Either way, only steps from the river we had very little insect traffic.
This Photographer’s Life 

Country Living Magazine

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday and are getting back into the swing of things. It will be summer before we know it!


Dutch Doors


I realized this morning that The Netherlands is to thank for two of our favorite signs of Spring: the tulip and the half-opened Dutch door. (Their windmills are pretty cool too…) Now that it’s nice and warm in North Carolina it’s such a treat to be able to fling the windows open first thing in the morning and enjoy fresh air all day long. But I can’t help but be a little envious of those who are lucky enough to have a charming Dutch door to let the breeze and sunshine in while keeping the animals populating their garden out. Well, some animals. The stray cat that has taken up residence in our yard could scale that half door in two seconds flat and would be enjoying a lovely nap on the end of the guest bedroom bed. But, theoretically. Here are a few Dutch doors that we thought would look right at home in any house. We hope you enjoy! 

Delaware Governor’s House

I wonder if the governor of Delaware has his Dutch door open today…
Apartment Therapy



Michael S. Smith Designer

Birch and Lily
House Beautiful
I’ve always thought it would be neat to have a Dutch door separating the kitchen from the rest of the house, like this one. What a great way to be able to see what is going on while keeping little ones away from a hot stove.
Coastal Living
Having the screen door outside makes this Dutch door perfectly functional for someone like me who has a yard full of hard-working bumble bees!

Kristen Buckingham Interiors

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone! 


A Grand Entrance…

Southern Accents

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is drive around and look at everyone’s houses all decked out for the holidays. I try to take notes and get ideas from the elegant wreaths and garlands, but, I must admit, there are few things more fun than seeing those houses covered with lights and dancing Santas and blow-up snowmen. I’m always in awe of those people’s artistry because, honestly, getting the wreath and garland hung is about all I can manage, much less getting 100,000 blinking lights wrapped all over the place. There are no green and red blinking icicles hanging in these entrances, but we hope you like them anyway!

Martha Stewart

We are obsessed with this moss wreath. The entire entrance is so elegant — especially for people (like me) who aren’t red fans.

Birch and lily

Such an elegant use of tree lights. Love it!

Southern Living


Traditional Home

Morgan Harrison Design

Wow! Now that’s an amazing entrance.

Eddie Ross Designer

This garland is so gorgeous. I think that goes without saying. But I can’t help but wonder if they have pine needles shedding all over the place like I do…

JRR Company Floral

JRR Company Floral

We love to incorporate non-traditional colors in the Christmas decor. This yellow is such a fabulous punch.

Jean Allsopp Photographer

Fire hazard or no, I am definitely putting lights up my stairs this year. There’s nothing more magical than a little candlelight…

Design Chic

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