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Brooke Giannetti Design

There’s something about Labor Day being right around the corner and the knowledge that the seasons will soon shift and that heat and humidity will give way to cool breezes that changes our focus from beach decor to cottage chic. 

Milk and Honey Home

 We begin dreaming of a charming cottage, on plenty of land, perfect for tending flowers and snuggling up by bonfires. The adorable touches in this charming living room are simple and lovely.


Things We Love: Cottage Living

vintage home
We all dream of it, don’t we?
Vintage Home
That simple, idyllic life.
Catarina Regina
A charming, cozy cottage…
my world is pink
Possessed of a stunning view…
Saved by the Southern Belle
Marked by one-of-a-kind, fabulously imperfect architectural details…
Vintage Home
Nestled in a take-your-breath-away natural setting.
tiny white daisies
A rambling estate is great, but on those days when it all seems to be a little too much, we can’t think of a better place to escape, to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book, to do a little garden digging.
We can’t think of much sweeter than cottage living.
Wishing you a day full of simple pleasures!


Things We Love: Cozy Cottages

Herbert Hoover’s Birthplace
John Loecke Design’s own cottage
Saved by the Southern Belle

catarina regina

my world is pink
Dreaming of a post-Valentine’s Day retreat today.  Hope yours was wonderful!!


Home Away from Home…

Desire to Inspire
When life becomes too hectic for an actual getaway, sometimes it’s nice to know that your next vacation can be as close as your own backyard. 
Traditional Home Magazine
These dreamy guest cottages look like the perfect place to escape, 
little book of secrets
miles away from ordinary, even when you haven’t gone any place at all.
Brabourne Farm
Whether it’s an afternoon with tea and a good book, 
Katarina Regina
recharging with your fingers in the dirt, 
little book of secrets
Or even a night away from the answering machine (and laundry!),
vintage rose

there’s no place more charming to escape than to a pint-sized cottage for two.

Cottage Living Magazine
If you have to cross an enchanted bridge to get there, 

tiny white daisies
tiptoe along a cobblestone path to a storybook door, 
or spend a night with only candlelight to reconnect with someone you love, so much the better.
Ada and Darcy
We hope you are all enjoying your summer and taking the time to get away, even if it’s in your own backyard!


Creating the Perfect Gender Neutral Nurseries

neutral nurseries

Mom and I have had the chance to decorate bedrooms, bathrooms, dens, foyers, living rooms, dining rooms, sunrooms and kitchens in our own homes — with, admittedly, help from the pros when need be! But the one room we’ve never had a chance to daydream into reality is a beautiful nursery… until now! We thought it was time to share with all of our blog-following friends that my husband Will and I are expecting our first little one in September. These gender neutral nurseries certainly have us inspired!


neutral nurseries with chandelier
Chicsack Nursery

This post also comes with an apology. The past couple of months we might have been a little less than punctual with our posts, especially on the writing end, because, contrary to my visions of myself as a glowing, downward facing dogging pregnant person, I woke up at about four weeks with “morning” sickness and have been waiting for it to dissipate ever since… I think we all have to tell ourselves that we are going to be those glowing mothers with the inner calm to get pregnant in the first place! Sort of like how we tell ourselves that our child won’t throw spaghetti on the white couch like our friends’ children, even though, deep down, we know there’s at least a crayon wall mural in our futures.

nursery with perfect decor
Amy D. Morris Design

For the first several weeks, Will and I told ourselves and each other that we were going to let the sex of this little one be a surprise and have a gorgeous, gender-neutral nursery like one of these. Now, though, with the date of that magical ultrasound where they ask the inevitable question, “Do you want to know what it is?” looming only a couple of weeks away, we’ve lost all self control and just have to know!
nursery with gallery wall of pictures
Christina Murphy Interiors

The mother in me doesn’t care at all whether this baby is a boy or girl, but the decorator sort of does. Neutral is, of course, one of our all-time favorite color palettes, but when you start shopping all that pink and blue can be quite seductive…


gender neutral nurseries
Cottage Living

Plus, in our house, we have one bedroom and bath that already lends itself very well to a boy, while another seems to be more girlish. I’m going to take pics sometime this week and let all of you see if you agree.

gender neutral nurseries

This picture may be partially to thank for me realizing I was expecting in the first place. We posted it, and, while musing how precious it was, I realized I hadn’t been feeling well lately…. Six positive pregnancy tests later…


neutral nurseries
Gina Kates Designer

Pink or blue, there are definitely Moroccan poufs in this nursery’s future.


nursery in gray and yellow
gender neutral nurseries
Tom Felicia Designer


canopy crib
Urban Grace

Love the canopy!


nursery for twins
Stately Homes by the Sea Designer Showhouse


all white nursery
Simon Bevan Photography

Okay, so we promise that Design Chic isn’t going to turn into a baby blog. But can you humor us for a few more days while we let you know what we’re thinking for nurseries? We hope so! We need feedback from all of our stylish friends!

Happy Monday, everyone. We hope it’s an amazing week!


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