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Oh my goodness… Are we ever crazy about design books! So we were so excited when Holly Holden contacted us to review her new book The Pretty and Proper Living Room. The hot pink cover is a great first start! Because who can ever have enough pink? We know we can’t!


 Since we’re a mother/daughter team, we especially love the premise of this book: Holly originally compiled all her fabulous advice from more than 25 years of classic design experience to teach her daughter how to decorate her first “Big Girl House.” Don’t you just love that? So now we all get to reap the benefits of Holly’s fabulous advice!  (more…)

The Meghan Method

Anyone can decorate. Anyone. That’s the premise behind Meghan Carter’s beautiful book chock-full of amazing design advice. Before reading The Meghan Method, I might have thought of that conclusion as akin to an artist saying, “Anyone can draw.” (Neither of us can in a pretty seriously severe way, so that can’t be true. Sorry.)

In the same way a blank canvas and a paintbrush would terrify us, the blank canvas of a room terrifies some people. If that’s you, then this book is a must. If not, it’s still full of incredibly useful, helpful advice, planning tools and lovely photos.

Meghan has literally created a step-by-step roadmap, complete with lists and worksheets, to not only making your space look good…
But also feel good. Because, in the end, having a home that speaks to you and meets your needs is what it’s all about, right?
If you can dream it–and don’t worry, she even helps you figure out how to do that–Meghan’s sage advice can help you achieve it. From discovering your personal style to learning how to combine what you have with what you need, and how to shop for it all, Meghan has a solution for every decorating problem.
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So, if you’re tackling a major design project, don’t stress! Pick up The Meghan Method, follow Ms. Carter’s practical and stylish advice, and then put your feet up in the dream room you’ve created!

We hope you all have an amazing, relaxing weekend! Happy birthday to Mom (Beth), who’s finally 25… or maybe the reverse of that 🙂


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