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Being a writer, there are few pieces of furniture that I love more than desks. Wood or metal, lucite or glass, mirrored or painted…There are so, so many options when it comes to just the right spot for getting those all-important creative juices flowing.

Catherine Gratwicke Photography


 The office is one of the most-used rooms in most people’s lives. Where you work simply has to be a wonderful reflection of you because we all spend so much time there!

Brooke Giannetti Design

 And it goes without saying that the desk is a very important part of that. This wood desk with a few scalloped edges, is such a beautiful touch in this office. It feels elegant and chic, and we love that the sunroom was transformed into the perfect home office – aren’t those brick floors gorgeous?!

Brooke Giannetti Design

 And we just adore the way this office is so lovely (look at that wonderful view!) but is also incredibly practical.  Well placed art and well love trinkets make it all the more cozy.  Perfect for creating…

Anne Hepfer Design

 This combination of wood and lucite is stunning, especially in a tighter office space. A friend of mine this weekend was raving about his new stand-up desk, like the Vast Market Desks. What a cool concept! We all know that sitting for hours on end isn’t super healthy. And I keep reading about how standing while working improves creativity. I might have to check it out!

Anne Hepfer Design

 Green is a great office color because it improves concentration as well. I’m not sure about all the walls, but these little pops are great!  A green plant adds life and well needed air purification to any room in a house, but especially an office space where we spend a lot of time.  Will my desk ever be this organized?

Emily Followill Photograpy

 The kitchen is such a convenient place for a desk, especially when it folds right up like this one!  Bills can be paid and the mess hidden at a moments notice – what could be better?  White kitchen, dark hardwood floors, beautiful beams, and plenty of storage…my dream space!

Butler Armsden Architects

 What a sleek and organized office space! (Again with the splashes of green… Good concentration in here too!)  Lots of storage space in the drawers and the perfect way to stay organized and clean.  We love that the art is leaning on the desk – so chic!

Ken Tate Architect wood

 Built in bookcases with doors are perfect for a home office because not only are they gorgeous, but they are practical too.  We think we work best in rooms with lots of light.  In fact, lately, I’ve been writing at my desk in the sunroom because it feels so light and happy! This space is an absolute dream… Where do you have your desk?

Whether you’re working or playing, we hope it’s a great day! Thanks for stopping by to visit today!

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Lady Builder Shops


 It’s not very often that we stumble upon an incredible shop and think, “We love absolutely everything in here!” So, when we do, we just have to shout it from the rooftops!


 Lady Builder Shops is, without a doubt, one of the shops that totally resonated with us right off the bat. I mean, just look at this amazing dining room! (You have to go check them out. They are so chic and stylish you know just looking at them that they have gorgeous taste!)


Bamboo Blinds

Sullen Gregory Design
Our trip to the Beaufort house this weekend has us thinking about windows… 
Phoebe Howard Design
Mostly because the majority of the progress this time was new windows, new windows, new windows. (And the new casings, exterior wood siding, etc. that goes along with them!)
Phoebe Howard Design
All this talk about windows has us thinking about what’s going to go around those windows inside.
House Beautiuful
We can’t think of anything better to frame coastal views with than bamboo or wood blinds! 
Mancini Design
Against a white or light colored wall or window, we love the dark, deep pop of the perfect shade of bamboo blind.
We adore bamboo blinds alone on a window where curtains won’t do.
Bella Mancini Design
Bamboo blinds are fabulous in a child’s room — especially when that child is small enough to want to pull up on curtains that reach the floor!
Nate Berkus
Our favorite use of bamboo blinds is in combination with white drapes — which is precisely what we think we are going to use in Beaufort. We love the idea of that kind of uniformity from room to room.
Brabourne Farm
Blinds are great for adding a sense of height and space to a room — especially when you hang them as high as possible!
The Decorologist
They may be great for creating privacy and shade, but we prefer our bamboo blinds pulled way up to the top of the window to let in the light!

We hope you are having a wonderful Monday!



MondayMusings:Historic Shore Decor


If you follow our blog, you might know that we have been on the hunt for a beach house the past couple of months. As it turns out, it hasn’t been as easy as we thought! On the bright side, we have a new potential contender. The best part? It’s a historic home! We know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but we are huge fans of the charm that accompanies a place with a little age on it. (And those little plaques on the front doors!) Mixing coastal style with classic charm can be tricky, but we think we’re up to the challenge! This living room has loads of inspiration.

The house has an entrance “parlor.” If you’re picturing velvet-covered Victorian furniture, you’re right on the money. Pull down the sheers and bring on the light! This round table has a welcoming appeal and the upholstered furniture is much more the look we’re trying to achieve. Plus, a classic chandelier combines the old with the new.
Liz Williams Designer

Sitting porch? Yes, please! Coffee and crosswords are even better with a water view.

Anne Decker Architect
If there’s one drawback to a home that hasn’t been renovated since the ’60s it’s — you guessed it — the kitchen. But, we figure we can grin, bear it, and count our blessings that it wasn’t last renovated in 1907! 
Elle Deocr
Mom wants a bull in the kitchen. I’m on board.
A formal dining room is great in a formal house, but we’re wanting fresh off the grill, (and out of the ocean!) lots of friends, and no dress code. This farm table, chairs and these great light fixtures are a fabulous combo.

This art is coastal, chic and just a touch refined.
pretty stuff
A built-in china cabinet doesn’t have to display the good stuff. We much prefer the eclectic coastal look of this set up.
Jason Bell Design via House Beautiful
An antique french bed painted white is light enough to be beachy but still fits the age of the home.
One of the most important considerations I always have is where my desk is going to go! One of the winning points in our latest obsession is that it has a perfect spot for a desk in the corner of my bedroom, in a window overlooking the water. Just think of all the blogging I could do! 🙂
We love a look like this for baby Will’s room. It’s masculine, Hemingway-esque and could carry him for years. His new baby hammock would look great in there for now. Yes, baby hammock. Sometimes there comes a point in life when you and your husband look at each realize it at the same time: No matter what that d*&! sleep book says he’s never, ever going to sleep in that crib.
Phoebe Howard Design
We just love twin beds. They probably aren’t the most practical for guests — but we love the sailboats over the headboard!

Life of Polarn Per
Bathrooms can be tricky when you’re looking to maintain a level of certain historical integrity and make it look up to date. Mosaic tile and pedestal sinks are such a classic choice.
So what do you think? Are you more of a new house person or do you like a bit of a fixer upper?
Happy Monday, friends!


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